Jalen Rose’s N.B.A. Finals Diary: ‘I Can’t Wait for the Game’

Even in a pandemic, Jalen Rose gets his hair cut about twice a week. He likes to look sharp when he’s on TV, and these days, he and his well-groomed head are highly visible. From the basement of his house in Connecticut, the ESPN analyst and former N.B.A. player tapes “Jalen & Jacoby,” his afternoon talk show with the commentator David Jacoby. And at ESPN’s studio at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan, he helps anchor “NBA Countdown” before and during halftime of N.B.A. games — including the championship finals, which started this week between the Los Angeles Lakers and

Bright Lights of Dubai Beckon Israel’s Arabs but Pose a Quandary

JERUSALEM — For Israel’s Arab citizens, the normalization deals that Israel struck with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will mean newfound freedom to stroll through Dubai’s cavernous malls, take lucrative jobs in Abu Dhabi or solicit investments from wealthy Emiratis or Bahrainis.

The prospects are dazzling. But some Arab citizens of Israel acknowledge misgivings about exploiting opportunities that could benefit them but undercut the Palestinian national cause.

Sajy Khashab, 23, a graduate student in computer science, said he would love to travel to the Persian Gulf, a frequent stop for the travel and food bloggers he follows. “There’s a

Hopes Fade for New Political Course in Algeria a Year After Popular Uprising

ALGIERS — In a Moorish-style palace on the Algerian capital’s airy heights, the nation’s president proclaimed a new day for his country, saying it was now “free and democratic.” The old, corrupt system — in which he had spent his entire career — was gone, he insisted.

“We’re building a new model here,” said President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, 75, chain-smoking a pack of cigarettes in an hourslong interview surrounded by aides in his sumptuous office last month. “I’ve decided to go very far in creating a new politics and a new economy.”

But old habits die hard in this North African

How to Make Cider Cocktails

Amber is the color of autumn in a glass, with the tender blush of a Bellini giving way to sturdier, warming whiskey-based drinks. But it’s also time for cider, now on the upswing. Cider is not only a sweetly refreshing family quaff; when fermented and alcoholic, it’s also a delicious alternative that competes with beer.

You could argue that locally made, fresh nonalcoholic cider is simply apple juice. It’s really more than that and better because these days most apple juice is made from imported concentrates, too sweet and with all the apple richness filtered out. Like wine grapes, cider