What pandemic? Crowds swarm the Great Wall of China as travel surges during holiday week

(CNN) — The scene at the Great Wall of China this past week would have been unthinkable just months ago.

Photos of the tourist attraction in Beijing last weekend show massive crowds crammed along the winding wall, pressed together in close quarters and squeezing past each other through narrow doorways. Most are wearing face masks — but a number of people, including young children, pulled their masks down to their chin, and a few seem to have foregone masks entirely.

It’s Golden Week — an eight-day national holiday, one of China’s busiest annual travel periods, and a major test for

Mexico is one of the places Americans could go on vacation. Now some are scrambling to escape a hurricane

(CNN) — Instead of celebrating her milestone birthday with friends in a posh Airbnb in Cancun, Mexico, one American woman is hunkering down in a hurricane shelter.
Kristyn Owens traveled from Los Angeles to Cancun to celebrate her 30th birthday in what was supposed to be a Covid-safe way in a country that allowed Americans, she told CNN.
Americans are banned from traveling to most countries in the world because of the pandemic, but there are still a few places they can go. Mexico, Ireland, South Korea and some islands in the Caribbean are some of them.
But Hurricane Delta