Sacha Baron Cohen on the ‘Borat’ Sequel and Playing Abbie Hoffman

Borat uses the flower bed in front of the Trump hotel at Columbus Circle as a men’s room.

Sacha Baron Cohen plays the cello and is planning to take some Zoom classes from the masters.

Borat keeps his teenage daughter in a cage. (“Is it nicer than Melania’s cage?” she wonders.) And when he takes her clothes shopping, he asks the saleswoman to direct them to the “No means Yes section.”

Sacha Baron Cohen, who once dreamed of being a chef, loves to cook for his family.

Borat buys a chocolate cake and asks the woman behind the counter to

Thailand’s protest movement gains momentum amid a government crackdown

In Bangkok, Thailand, on Saturday, tens of thousands took part in continuing pro-democracy protests following a government crackdown Friday, which saw riot police unleash water cannons containing a chemical irritant on crowds calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Protests against the prime minister began in March this year, following the dissolution of a popular pro-democracy party, but have dramatically increased in size this week, with crowds numbering in the tens of thousands.

The government responded to these growing protests with an emergency decree on Thursday, which banned groups of more than five people and gave police the …

Will Jacinda Ardern Win a Second Term? New Zealand’s Election, Explained

Here’s what you need to know

SYDNEY, Australia — New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, is popular around the world, generating gushing reviews and inspiring a progressive fan base. She has been praised for managing the pandemic, the Christchurch terrorist attack and the birth of her first child.

Now, Ms. Ardern’s star turn looks likely to translate into votes at home.

She is expected to return to power in this week’s general election, with polls giving her Labour Party a comfortable double-digit lead over the more conservative National Party. An especially strong showing might even give Labour the country’s first