U.K. to Halt Subsidies for Fossil Fuel Projects Abroad

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain promised on Friday to end direct taxpayer support for fossil fuel projects overseas as soon as possible, in a move designed to help position his country as a global leader in the battle to curb climate change.

The announcement, to be made formally on Saturday at a Climate Ambition Summit convened by the United Nations, Britain and France, follows other recent pledges intended to burnish Mr. Johnson’s environmental credentials and put pressure on other nations to reduce their emissions.

Next year Britain will host the United Nations climate negotiation in Glasgow, a

After Armenia-Azerbaijan War, Trauma, Tragedy and Devastation

For Armenians uprooted from their homes, and for Azerbaijanis returning to uninhabitable towns, “It’s going to be very hard to forgive.”

Carlotta Gall and

Mauricio Lima and

FIZULI, Azerbaijan — Crossing into territory that Azerbaijan recently recaptured from Armenia is a journey into a devastated wasteland reminiscent of a World War I battlefield. The road passes miles of abandoned trenches and bunkers, and village after village of ruins, the white stones of homesteads scattered, every movable item — roofs, doors, window frames — picked clean.

The absence of life is eerie.

Wrecked Armenian

EU leaders agree to deeper cuts to greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

It might have taken 21 hours, but the European Union’s 27 member states have agreed to toughen targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent from 1990 levels by 2030 — a vast improvement from the 40 percent target set in 2019.

Last December, the European Commission — the political bloc’s executive arm — unveiled the European Green Deal, which set the goal for reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Now, five years after the Paris climate agreement, the EU has agreed to cut emissions even further amid rising concern that saving humanity from the worst effects …