How Parade Underwear Took Over Instagram

The tagged photo section on the Instagram page for Parade, an underwear start-up founded in fall 2019, shows a surfeit of images of young women modeling brightly colored briefs and bikinis. Many of them pose in studio apartments, stretched out on velvet couches and propped up on dressers. Some press against vinyl shower curtains, donning the neon underwear in mirror selfies. All of them look effortless.

It’s not unusual these days for a brand to take over social media like this — seemingly overnight and all at once, in nonprofessional photos posted by nonprofessional models. But these campaigns nearly always

The 18 best documentaries of 2020

Very little felt real in 2020. Time started to slip and slide. Screens became not just entertainment portals but a connection to the rest of the world, where we worked, learned, attended birthday parties and holiday gatherings, played games, and tried to maintain some semblance of real life.

So maybe it’s appropriate that 2020 was a brilliant year for documentaries, rife with engrossing nonfiction films in every genre — from comedies and dramas to journalistic exposés and category-defying tricksters. They explored mortality and love, showed us the past and the present, and challenged us to engage in the future, even …

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Good morning.

We’re covering the first vaccinations against the coronavirus in Europe, the next steps after a Brexit trade agreement and the curiosity (and optimism) of David Attenborough.

campaign to inoculate more than 450 million people comes as many European countries are struggling with their worst outbreaks since the start of the pandemic. The spread in Britain of a more contagious variant of the virus has further raised alarm.

The numbers: More than 350,000 people across the European Union have died from Covid-19 since the first fatality was recorded

7 Wonderful Non-Covid Things We Learned in 2020

What a year! Yes, it was terrible and awful and no one felt good about it, but on the other hand, time is a human invention and everything bad about 2020 will continue straight into 2021, because the end-and-begin points of a new year are arbitrary and meaningless.

So, um, happy New Year? 😅

But 2020 wasn’t all bad! Here at Smarter Living we learned a ton of great stuff this year that had nothing to do with anything in the news. A few tips on better managing your money? You got it! Want to stop procrastinating so much in