Parler, the “free speech” social network, explained

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Parler is having a moment, after its users cheered on the storming of the Capitol after the Trump-led “Save America Rally” on January 6. The largely unmoderated and right-wing social network was also involved in the planning of the insurrection, leading some to worry that Parler is a new hotbed of misinformation and extremist activity. At the very least, the site has become more than just an alternative to Twitter.

Attention is turning toward Parler and other fringe platforms in the aftermath of the events on Capitol Hill at a time when social networks are under increasing scrutiny for the …

How Can I Tell My Friend to Get It Together?

I went to pick up my child from a school activity. (The kids are masked and grouped in small pods.) While waiting, my friend approached my car. She was obviously tipsy; even my younger child noticed how oddly she spoke and acted. I know she has a history of problem drinking. She’s also going through a contentious divorce and custody dispute. I didn’t say anything to her about driving with her child in the car, which I now regret. (She can be loud and aggressive.) I worry about her, her kids and how her drinking may jeopardize her custody battle.

Iran May Pass #MeToo Law Outlawing Sexual Violence Against Women

After a decade of deliberation, Iran’s government approved a bill on Sunday that criminalizes violence and sexual misconduct against women and specifies punishments for perpetrators.

The decision to move ahead with the bill — which, if approved, will be the first law of its kind in Iran’s penal code — comes in the aftermath of a groundbreaking #MeToo movement and shocking reports of so-called honor killings that have gripped the public over the past six months.

The bill, which has been passed by the cabinet, must now be adopted by the country’s conservative Parliament to become law, but women’s advocates