How to Keep Internet Trolls Out of Remote Workplaces

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Gustavo Razzetti, who gets hired by companies to improve their work cultures, has noticed a change since the pandemic began last year: more political brawls, more managers losing control of their employees, a curious mix of hyper-engagement and lack of empathy.

“Employees are turning their cameras off, hiding behind avatars, becoming disrespectful,” said Mr. Razzetti, whose consultancy is called Fearless Culture. “They’re being aggressive among each other.”

Office conversation at some companies is starting to look as unruly as conversation on

Britain’s Alarm Over Virus Variant Silences Foes of Lockdown

LONDON — Britain’s disclosure Friday that a new variant of the virus could be deadlier than the original raised a stir about why such alarming information was put out when the evidence was so inconclusive. But there is little debate over its impact: It has silenced those who called for life to go back to normal any time soon.

The British government is expected to announce in coming days that it will prolong and tighten the nationwide lockdown imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson this month. Schools may stay closed until Easter, while travelers arriving from overseas could be required

Wardrobe Inquiry: Nomzamo Mbatha’s Instagram Aje Glazer Off the Shoulder White Bustier Top

You ask, we answer!

Anonymous says, “Hi, can you tell me where this top is from?”

South African beauty Nomzamo Mbatha looked glorious in a high slit brown skirt and a $395 Aje Glaze Off the Shoulder Bustier Top:

The popping piece features puff shoulders and a button closure.

Sadly, it’s sold out.

Find similar top for a steal at only $18 at Forever 21.

What do you think?

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How Beijing Turned China’s Covid-19 Tragedy to Its Advantage

One year ago this week, the Chinese Communist Party was on the verge of its biggest crisis in decades. The coronavirus had brought the city of Wuhan to a halt. In the following days, the government’s efforts to conceal the pandemic would become public, sparking an online backlash of the kind the Chinese internet hadn’t seen in years.

Then, as the blows landed faster than the Chinese propaganda machine seemingly could handle, a number of liberal-minded Chinese began to think the unthinkable. Perhaps this tragedy would impel the Chinese people to push back. After decades of thought control and worsening

Make a Finger Trap From Newspaper

If you’re not familiar with a finger trap, it’s traditionally a tube woven from bamboo that “traps” the fingers of an unsuspecting person who places them inside. While the origins of the finger trap are debatable, the simplicity and joy of one never gets old.

Weaving strips of newspaper in a circular shape creates this classic gag puzzle. The basic over-under pattern is the same one used to weave a basket or a place mat, but you will be weaving in the round.

Creating this simple practical joke will test your dexterity, and maybe bring some giggles to your weekend.