Biden’s Promise of Immigration Reform Raises Hopes in Latin America

Advocates also want the Biden administration to cancel a measure that allows border authorities to quickly expel migrants when they cross the border, including those seeking asylum. Trump administration officials had argued this was needed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in detention centers.

Aides to Mr. Biden have said he eventually intends to abolish some if not all of these rules and will resume processing asylum seekers at ports of entry along the border. But they have cautioned that the process will begin slowly.

Still, migrants and their advocates said they hope that the administration will move quickly …

E.U. Vaccine Shortages Snowball Into a Crisis

Nurses preparing vaccines at a nursing home in Spain last week.
Credit…Manu Brabo/Getty Images

The European Union has been besieged by problems since it approved its first coronavirus vaccine in December and rushed to begin a vast immunization campaign, but now its woes have snowballed into a full-blown crisis.

With the pain of supply shortages being felt across Europe, Spain on Wednesday became the first E.U. country to partly suspend immunizations for lack of doses. It announced that it would suspend the vaccination program in Madrid for two weeks, and warned that Catalonia

What We Learned From Apple’s New Privacy Labels

We all know that apps collect our data. Yet one of the few ways to find out what an app does with our information involves reading a privacy policy.

Let’s be real: Nobody does that.

So late last year, Apple introduced a new requirement for all software developers that publish apps through its App Store. Apps must now include so-called privacy labels, which list the types of data being collected in an easily scannable format. The labels resemble a nutrition marker on food packaging.

These labels, which began appearing in the App Store in December, are the latest attempt by