The Downside to Life in a Supertall Tower: Leaks, Creaks, Breaks

CIM Group, one of the developers, said in a statement that the building “is a successfully designed, constructed and virtually sold-out project,” and that they are “working collaboratively” with the condo board, which was run by the developers until January when residents were elected and took control. (Developers typically control condo boards in the first few years of operation.) “Like all new construction, there were maintenance and close-out items during that period,” they said. Macklowe Properties, the other developer, declined to comment.

The construction manager, Lendlease, said in a statement that they “have been in contact” with the developers, “regarding …

Vaccine News Gives Hope for Spring, if Enough People Get the Shots

As coronavirus infections surged around the country in early November — and as the prospect of a long, dark winter loomed — it was not clear if any of the vaccines in development would pan out.

Now, three months later, the picture is very different. Two highly effective Covid vaccines are rolling out around the country. Three others appear to be slightly less robust, but still offer strong, and in some cases complete, protection against severe disease and death.

In the past week alone, Novavax and Johnson & Johnson reported that their vaccines offered good protection, including against new, more

What Biden can learn from Obama’s immigration mistakes

In his first days in office, President Joe Biden has made immigration a key priority for his administration, seeking to distinguish himself from another “deporter in chief,” as activists once called President Barack Obama.

He has issued a series of executive actions aimed at dismantling the Trump administration’s nativist legacy, unveiled an ambitious legislative proposal for immigration reform, begun to roll back a program that has left asylum seekers trapped in Mexico, and sought to enact a 100-day pause on deportations.

On Tuesday, he issued another three executive orders that create a task force to reunite families separated under President …

You Ask, We Answer! Teyana Taylor’s Black College Sweatshirt, Gabrielle Union’s ByChari Wade Necklace, Flohio’s McQ Foam Puffer Jacket, and More!

So many wardrobe inquiries, so little time! We’ve decided to bring Mail Bombs back with, “You Ask, We Answer!” Read on for your most pressing questions:

@tiffany_r_h says, “Hello, where is @teyanataylor ‘s sweatshirt from? It’s screaming black history month!

Sure! Teyana Taylor participated in the Silhouette Challenge (featuring Baby Junie) in a $40 Crewneck from Support Black Colleges.

Purchase here.

Next up, says, “Hello! Do you know where @flohio ‘s dope puffer jacket is from ?

Sure! The fabulous Flohio looked bomb in a $1,433 McQ Foam Transparent Puffer Jacket.

Would you splurge? If …