H.E.R Performs ‘America the Beautiful’ in Custom Stinson Haus Look Including Deconstructed Biker Jacket and Ombre Leather Denim Pants at Super Bowl LV

Yesterday evening, the 55th Super Bowl aka Super Bowl LV went down between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the Buccaneers walking away as this year’s Super Bowl champions.  While the game itself was entertaining, the Super Bowl was also complete with star-studded performances by artists like Jazmine Sullivan and half-time show star The Weeknd. Singer H.E.R. was also in attendance as she performed “America The Beautiful” in an edgy-chic ensemble that spoke to the night’s common theme of unity.

H.E.R. performed in a custom Stinson Haus by Brea Stinson look which included an ombre crystal-studded leather-denim split pant and …

Before Himalayan Flood, India Ignored Warnings of Development Risks

NEW DELHI — Long before the floods came, washing away hundreds of people and wiping out newly constructed dams and bridges, the warning signs were clear.

The Himalayas have been warming at an alarming rate for years, melting ice long trapped in glaciers, soil and rocks, elevating the risk of devastating floods and landslides, scientists warned. Nearby populations were vulnerable, they said, and the region’s ecosystem had become too fragile for large development projects.

But the Indian government overrode the objections of experts and the protests of local residents to blast rocks and build hydroelectric power projects in volatile areas

Full Employment

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the past 15 years of G.D.P. predictions from professional forecasters — all made two years in advance — and you can see the results here:

worried too much about whether an overheated economy might spur inflation. Fed officials, for example, have been less aggressive in reducing interest rates than they later acknowledged was appropriate. Officials in Congress and the White House have sometimes obsessed over the deficit and failed to stimulate job growth.

the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s …