A Giant of Europe Prepares to Head Italy’s New Unity Government

ROME — Mario Draghi, a giant of Europe largely credited with saving the euro, formally presented a broad unity government to Italy’s president on Friday, all but assuring that he will become prime minister at a precarious moment when the prospect of a more closely bound European Union hinges on Italy’s success.

Mr. Draghi, who is expected to easily surpass the formalities of confidence votes in Parliament next week, will be tasked with guiding Italy through a devastating and unpredictable pandemic.

But he also must secure its future by wisely and efficiently spending a once-in-a-generation relief package financed by debt

Spring Break’s New Look: Older and Socially Distant

Spring breaks on the ground offer opportunities to fully explore seasonal renewal beyond the famed cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. (its annual festival March 20 to April 11 will be adjusted for safety, including no parade). About 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles, a seasonal explosion of orange poppies and lavender lupine paint the nearly 250,000-acre grassland preserve Carizzo Plain National Monument (there is camping in the park, or accommodations from $139 at the 21-room Cuyama Buckhorn resort in New Cuyama).

Spring is also a season of bird migrations. In central Nebraska every March and early April, more than 600,000 …

Covid Emptied Europe’s Cities. What Will Bring People Back?

LONDON — When the coronavirus exploded across Europe in March, it realigned city life, shifting office workers to their homes, shuttering the hospitality sector and reshuffling life for millions.

Unshackled from offices — many for the first time in their working lives — city dwellers throughout Europe began to leave, some to avoid the virus but others to to escape cramped and pricey apartments and to connect more with the natural world.

Now, nearly a year after the first lockdowns and with months more of restrictions looming, the easy assumption that most of the coronavirus exiles would naturally return once