Covid-19 Live Updates: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Protects Against Severe Illness and May Reduce Transmission, F.D.A. Analyses Find

50,000 known coronavirus deaths on Wednesday, the first state to reach that chilling milestone.

The news comes as a bleak reminder that the recent progress the state has made against the pandemic may be fragile. Most of those deaths were recorded recently, during a frightening winter surge that followed a period of relatively low case counts and a spreading hope that the virus could be controlled until vaccines arrived.

According to a New York Times database, California, the country’s most populous state, averaged more than 560 deaths a day at its peak in January. By contrast, for much of November, …

How to Beat Covid Insomnia

Adults already spend the majority of time sleeping on their side, and research has found that people spend more time sleeping on their side as they age. Still, there isn’t evidence to suggest that a certain body position leads to better sleep, and the sleep doctors I spoke to said you can’t really control your movement while you’re asleep anyway.

The average adult only spends about 7 percent of their sleep time on their stomach, but I already fall asleep on my stomach as a rule. I can’t drift off unless I’m in a very specific …

Brittany Higgins Files Police Report on Parliament House Rape Claim

The new accusations by the other women, spanning 2016 to 2020, were reported by the newspaper The Australian and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. At least one woman who came forward said she had done so out of support for Ms. Higgins. The women, who could not be reached for comment, have not been publicly identified. They have not publicly identified the man, either.

“I’m so sorry they had to go through this because I know how soul-destroying it is,” Ms. Higgins said of the women’s coming forward. She and her partner both left their jobs as a result of her …