Refugee Who Set Herself on Fire in Greece Is Charged With Arson

ATHENS — An Afghan woman is facing arson charges after trying to burn herself to death at a migrants camp on the Greek island of Lesbos this week, officials said on Thursday.

The charges are the latest in a series of punishments directed at refugees and asylum seekers on the island, rights groups say, and reflect the Greek government’s hard line on migrants. The episode is also a stark example of the impact that the dire conditions at Greek reception centers have on refugees’ mental health.

The woman, 27 and eight months pregnant, lives at a temporary camp with her

My Year of Grief and Cancellation

Stuck at home, I devoted myself to Tumblr. What was I trying to accomplish? Mostly, I was interested in knocking people off their pedestals. I also enjoyed being popular, controversial, discussed. When a comedian I had posted about name-checked my blog on Twitter, I was giddy.

Then I started receiving threats. Someone sent me a screenshot of a house from Google Maps, claiming to have found my IP address. It wasn’t my house, but still. I realized that for every person on Tumblr who looked up to my blog, there were many more, online and offline, who hated it — …

Italian Cliffside Cemetery, and Its Coffins, Carried Away by a Landslide

ROME — A landslide carried away a cemetery on the edge of a cliff in the northern Italian region of Liguria, scattering about 200 coffins and bodies across a hillside and into the Mediterranean Sea.

Scuba divers managed to retrieve 12 coffins from the sea by Wednesday after the landslide in the town of Camogli, about eight miles north of Portofino, two days earlier. Most of the coffins from the cemetery remained strewn around and under the rubble caused by the landslide.

Relatives of people who had been buried in the cemetery gathered in the main square of the seaside