In Pictures: Pope Francis in Iraq

Pope John Paul II had to cancel plans to visit Iraq at the turn of this century as the country’s escalating tensions with the United States undermined negotiations with Saddam Hussein for a papal visit. Pope Benedict XVI had to cancel his plans because of security concerns.

And almost until the moment Pope Francis boarded the papal plane in Rome en route to Baghdad on Friday, the Vatican cautioned that his visit could be called off at any time.

Yet despite concerns about the coronavirus and a precarious security situation — with a military base in northern Iraq targeted by

They Were Journalists, and Women, and Targeted for Both

Though she noted that she was unaware of the station receiving any threats specific to the murdered women or female employees generally, “Being a journalist in Afghanistan is a risk. There’s no other way to put it,” she said. “Even just going to work or walking home from work, as we saw happen yesterday, can pose a risk.”

Since 2018, more than 30 media employees and journalists have been killed in Afghanistan, according to a recent United Nations report. It has been particularly bad for them, and for other civil society figures, during an increase in targeted killings documented by …