Is the ’21’ Club Really Closing?

It should not have, but it came as a shock that the jockeys had vanished. There they’d stood outside the “21” Club on West 52nd Street for decades, 35 of them, with their cast metal arms upraised to grasp the reins of some invisible mount, their silks brightly painted in the colors of storied thoroughbred stables. Suddenly, then, they were gone.

And now so, too, it would seem, is the “21” Club itself.

On March 9, almost a year since the pandemic forced the city to ban indoor dining, the “21” Club moved to terminate 148 employees, the majority unionized,

Michigan to Widen Covid-19 Vaccine Access to Residents 16 and Older

Michigan will expand vaccine eligibility to everyone 50 and older as of March 22, and to everyone 16 and older as of April 5, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said on Friday. The announcement came a day after President Biden’s prime-time address, in which he directed states to expand eligibility to all adults by May 1.

“Nearly 1 million Michiganders of all races have already been safely vaccinated,” Ms. Whitmer, a Democrat, said in a statement. “I urge all eligible Michiganders to get one of the three Covid-19 vaccines.”

Currently, everyone in Michigan 65 and older is eligible for vaccination, as are

Your Daylight Saving Time Questions Answered

“There was the threat of federal intervention in all of this, so the railroads decided they were going to police themselves,” said Carlene Stephens, a curator at the National Museum of American History. Scientists were also urging a standardized system for marking time, she said.

In North America, a coalition of businessmen and scientists decided on time zones, and in 1883, U.S. and Canadian railroads adopted four (Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific) to streamline service. The shift was not universally well received. Evangelical Christians were among the strongest opponents, arguing “time came from God and railroads were not to mess …

Vote for Fashion Bombshell of the Week for Week of March 8th 2021: Will It Be Whitney from South Carolina K from Jamaica or Cali from South Carolina

Hey Bombshell’s! Each Day we choose Fashion Bomb Daily readers to highlight their personal style and now we want to hear from you. Vote for who you think should become Fashion Bombshell of the Week. Here are the contenders:

Opening the week was Whitney from South Carolina. Whitney writes, “I’m a luxury fashion connoisseur who aspires to invest in a wardrobe of quality over quantity. My style mirrors my personality and may seem understated or shy at first glance, but with a deep look or understanding, you will see and appreciate the intricacies, its luxurious grit and beautiful craftsmanship.”

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