Squishmallows Are Taking Over

Over the last few months, bulbous and brightly colored plush toys have sparked a Beanie Babies-style craze among children, teenagers and adults alike.

Squishmallows, a line of soft, huggable toys created in 2017, have exploded in popularity during the pandemic, thanks to social media and in particular TikTok (or “SquishTok,” as fans call it). Collectors say the stuffed animals have given them comfort in a painful year, and that hunting for them has fostered a much-needed sense of community during an extended period of isolation.

“Even though the craze was coming before the pandemic, it certainly hit a fever pitch

Covid-19 Live Updates: Worries Over AstraZeneca Doses Upend Europe’s Vaccine Drive

Moderna has begun a study that will test its Covid vaccine in children under 12, including babies as young as six months, the company said on Tuesday.

The study is expected to enroll 6,750 healthy children in the United States and Canada. Moderna declined to say how many had already signed up or received the first shots, according to a spokeswoman, Colleen Hussey.

“There’s a huge demand to find out about vaccinating kids and what it does,” said Dr. David Wohl, the medical director of the vaccine clinic at the University of North Carolina, who is not involved the study.…

The number of unruly passengers on US flights is too high, FAA says, so it’s extending a get-tough policy on masking

(CNN) — The Federal Aviation Administration will extend its stricter enforcement against unruly passengers — specifically targeting those who disobey masking policies — after receiving more than 500 reports of misbehaving passengers since December, the agency said Monday.

“The number of cases we’re seeing is still far too high, and it tells us urgent action continues to be required,” FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said.

The announcement was made as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said that more people have traveled by air in the last four days than during any other similar-length period during the pandemic.

The TSA said it