Blac Chyna Poses in Fashion Nova Black Snake Print Zip-Up Jacket and Leggings

Blac Chyna was spotted in Beverly Hills posing near a few luxurious cars. For her look, she kept it comfy in all-black snakeskin print activewear by Fashion Nova.

Blac Chyna wore Fashion Nova’s $29.99 Anaconda Boo Foil Print Active Jacket and $24.99 Anaconda Boo Foil Print Active Leggings. To complete the look, she wore Chanel sneakers, a Balmain shoulder bag, and black shades.

Fashion Nova’s Anaconda Boo Foil Print Active Jacket and Leggings appear in a slick, shiny snakeskin print, making the look resemble that of real snakeskin. The cropped jacket includes a full length zipper and high neck detail …

India Cuts Back on Vaccine Exports as Infections Surge at Home

NEW DELHI — With its own battle against the coronavirus taking a sharp turn for the worse, India has severely curtailed exports of Covid-19 vaccines, triggering setbacks for vaccination drives in many other countries.

The government of India is now holding back nearly all of the 2.4 million doses that the Serum Institute of India, the private company that is one of the world’s largest producers of the AstraZeneca vaccine, makes each day.

India is desperate for all the doses it can get. Infections are soaring, topping 50,000 per day, more than double the number less than two weeks ago.

South Africa Court Set to Rule on Jacob Zuma, and an Era of Impunity

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — For nearly three years, South African investigators have been unearthing a web of corruption around former President Jacob Zuma in a public inquiry that has captivated the country.

There were bribes paid in top-shelf whiskey, luxury cars and a cash-stuffed Louis Vuitton bag. High-ranking officials distributed lucrative government contracts in exchange for monthly handouts. That era of graft drained tens of billions of dollars from state coffers and has become one of the most infamous chapters of South Africa’s post-apartheid history.

Now, the country’s highest court will determine whether Mr. Zuma can be held accountable for

Bucks through Beats! Here is to all the Music Entrepreneurs

Music Producers are Making Good Money Online by Selling Beats

We are all mostly aware of how people are making money online through different channels and by selling different services. This is the information age. Internet is an earning medium for a major chunk of sellers. We all have heard that many people offer different services such as content writing, voice-overs, marketing services, programming, etc. One service you might not be aware of is that these many music producers are successfully making their money by selling beats. Beats are the backbones of any genre of music. It is an integral …