Divided Kingdom: Jordan Shaken by Split Between King and Ex-Crown Prince

AMMAN, Jordan — The kingdom of Jordan has long been considered an oasis of relative stability in the Middle East. While wars and insurgencies flared in neighboring Syria and Iraq, Jordan was for decades considered a secure and dependable ally of the United States, a buffer against attacks on Israel, and a key interlocutor with Palestinians.

But this weekend, that placid image was upended as a long-simmering rift between the king, Abdullah II, and a former crown prince, Hamzah bin Hussein, burst into the public eye.

On Sunday the government accused Prince Hamzah, the king’s younger half-brother, of “destabilizing Jordan’s

Taiwan Crash Investigators Focus on How Truck Fell in Train’s Path

HUALIEN, Taiwan — Two days after Taiwan’s deadliest rail disaster in decades, investigators were working on Sunday to determine why a truck had slipped downhill from a construction site into the path of an express train, resulting in the collision and derailment that killed dozens of people.

The operator of the crane truck, Lee Yi-hsiang, was ordered detained on Sunday by a judge, who reversed an earlier decision to grant him bail. Mr. Lee, who has not been charged with a crime, told reporters he had caused the crash and said he would take full responsibility for it.

“I hereby

Si espero que termine, ¿dolerá menos?

Los hombres con los que salía siempre se daban por vencidos a los dos meses, normalmente cuando decían haber conocido a alguien más. Pero con este hombre pasaron dos meses, luego seis, luego nueve, y seguíamos hablando casi todos los días. Nunca de una manera que apuntara a una relación seria, pero ciertamente como algo más que amigos. Ahora conocía su plan de 15 años, sus pensamientos sobre el matrimonio y sus relaciones pasadas, cómo pasaba los veranos en la granja, su destreza poética y su odio irracional a la película Frozen.

Él conocía mi sueño de dejar mi …

Jordan Arrests High-Profile Figures, and Ex-Crown Prince Cries Foul

Jordan has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic: more than 600,000 confirmed cases over all, more than 7,000 deaths in a population of about 11 million, and new daily cases averaging about 6,500 over the past week.

Though its government largely escaped the turmoil of the popular uprisings across the Middle East that began a decade ago in what became known as the Arab Spring, Jordan has absorbed a massive influx of about 650,000 refugees from the Syrian civil war that raged across its northern border, further stretching its already limited resources.

The situation in Jordan was being watched …