7 pet gadgets that will make life better for you and your dog

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Having a dog is one of life’s great joys — though it can also come with messes, destroyed furniture and those ever-dreaded health issues. Fortunately, just like with us humans, there are plenty of gadgets out there that will allow your furry best friend to live a happier, healthier and more treat-filled life.

We sniffed out some of the most well-regarded pet tech products on the web, from automatic feeders and stimulating toys to trackers and cameras that make it easy to keep tabs on your pet when you’re away from home. We picked the following items …

Weddings: She Met a Pilot on a Plane

When Ms. Brozak returned to her native New York in January, she took more than souvenirs and a few leftover euros. She also took Mr. Autret.

“Our original plan was to live in France,” she said. “As it happened, Matthieu was still searching for a job when I was accepted to law school here,” said Ms. Brozak. She said she was accepted to several law schools in the city and hasn’t yet decided which to attend.

Mr. Autret said he “really enjoys living in New York.” They live together on the Upper East Side. He completed his pilot training at …

Biden’s Judge Push

President Biden last week named 11 people he plans to nominate to serve on federal courts, more than any recent president this early in his term. Nine are women, three are Black women and one would become the country’s first Muslim federal judge.

I spoke to Carl Hulse, The Times’s chief Washington correspondent and the author of a book about Trump-era fights over the judiciary, about why Biden is rushing to shape the courts and how judges became so central to American politics. Our conversation has been condensed.

Ian: Donald Trump’s judicial appointments were a big part of his presidency,