Of Brexit and Boris: What’s Driving the Call for Scottish Independence

The millions of votes cast across Scotland Thursday could be among the most consequential in recent times, and not because of their impact on things like health, education and fisheries. The greatest issue facing the country, and the one that was really at stake, was nowhere to be found on the ballot, and that is the future of its 314-year-old union with England.

In the vote for parliamentary elections, the pro-independence Scottish National Party fell short of the majority it had hoped would create an irresistible momentum for a new referendum on breaking away from the United Kingdom. But it

Reginae Carter Sports Black and White Short Sleeve Jumpsuit from Fashion Nova

Reginae Carter was spotted giving us a sporty chic moment in a black and white look. The most eye-catching piece was a her colorblock black and white jumpsuit by Fashion Nova.

Reginae Carter wore Fashion Nova’s $29.99 Built In Comfort Color Block Jumpsuit in black and white. This is not your typical jumpsuit as it come complete with a stylish colorblocking black and white pattern along with a front asymmetrical front zipper that can essentially serve as a sexy cutout detail. For access, it also features a zipper on the back of the garment. This jumpsuit is also very fitting …

Germany Is Seeing Virus Cases Go Down and Vaccinations Go Up

BERLIN — Dr. Peter Weitkamp placed an ad in eBay’s classifieds last week, offering appointments for an AstraZeneca vaccine — “free/to give away” — to anyone over 60. Many of his own patients didn’t want it, since the German government had spent months questioning the vaccine.

But within a day, his practice in Kirchlengern, in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, was inundated with calls from people seeking the remaining 80 to 90 doses, including some offering to drive in from out of state. Another family doctor got a similar response after setting up a drive-through vaccination center in a