European Union Regulator Authorizes Vaccine for Children 12 to 15 Years Old

The European Medicines Agency approved on Friday the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for children aged 12 to 15, in what the drug regulator called “an important step forward in the fight against the pandemic” in a statement.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the vaccine for that age group earlier this month after clinical trials showed it was safe.

The E.M.A.’s opinion will now be sent to the European Commission, the bloc’s administrative arm, for final approval, which it is expected to do swiftly. It will then be up to the national governments of the member countries

Germany Recognizes Mass Killings in Colonial Namibia as Genocide

BERLIN — Germany is formally recognizing as genocide the killing of tens of thousands of people from two ethnic groups in what is now Namibia in the early 20th century, the foreign ministry said on Friday, a major acknowledgment of colonial-era crimes.

Germany is asking for forgiveness and establishing a fund worth more than a billion euros to support projects in the affected communities.

Successive German governments denied the country’s responsibility for the killings, in contrast to its earnest and transparent atonement for the Nazi Holocaust that has been a cornerstone of the country’s post-World War II identity.

The recognition

Model Shaun Ross Charts a Musical Path

Shaun Ross is fond of flouting public perceptions.

In 2013, he appeared in the music video for Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts,” playing an imperious beauty pageant instructor who browbeats the pop diva as being too curvy. “I’m probably the only person in her life who has ever been told to rough her up,” he said.

At one point during filming, Mr. Ross barked orders so aggressively that he sprayed the singer’s face with spittle. “I immediately popped out of character and told her, ‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I just spit all over you,’’’ he said. “She was like, ‘No,