Why Are Colombians Protesting?

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Protests have rocked Colombia for a month, and thousands of people continue to pour into the streets of its major cities, with demonstrators blocking major roads and the police responding at times with lethal force. At least 46 people, many of them protesters, have died.

On Friday, President Iván Duque said he would send a “maximum deployment” of military troops to Cali, a city that has been one of the focal points of the protests, “as a measure to protect citizen rights.”

“Islands of anarchy cannot exist in our country,” he said in a video address. “We

As the Hamptons Booms, a New World of Luxury Problems

Weekenders seeking a good time are back in full force as well.

On Main Street earlier that evening, Krishna Shah, 26, who lives in Manhattan, was waiting for an Uber to take her and a group of friends back to their rental house on Water Hill Road. “I don’t know which part of East Hampton that is,” Ms. Shah sad. “It’s an Airbnb. We were drunk when we booked it.”

“Yeah,” said her friend Paul Orshansky, also 26. “We basically thought, ‘Let’s go before it gets insane.’”

Things were picking up in Amagansett, too.

Outside of The Stephen Talkhouse, a …

The Eerie Familiarity of a Melbourne Lockdown

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It’s all so eerily familiar. The gray weather and afternoon sunsets. The anxious wait for the day’s numbers. The obsessive checking of exposure sites. The rumors of restrictions, followed by the reality of lockdown. The kids home from school. Birthday parties canceled, holidays postponed. The dreary, fearful, resigned uncertainty of it all.

Today, Victoria entered its second lockdown since last year, when the state — and Melbourne in particular — spent many months with a variety of harsh restrictions. With 39 active coronavirus cases in the state and hundreds