From ancient Egypt to Beverly Hills: A brief history of plastic surgery

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN

Plastic surgery has become synonymous with the quest for youth and beauty, albeit with varying degrees of success. But the field has, for centuries, been driven by medical necessity — and it has nothing to do with plastic.

The discipline derives its name from the Greek word “plastikos” — to mold or give form. And while the idea of perfecting yourself surgically is a relatively recent phenomenon, there is evidence of reconstructive surgery going back to antiquity.

The oldest-known procedures appear in an ancient Egyptian medical text called the “Edwin Smith Papyrus.” Thought to be

33 Menswear Picks from Nordstrom’s Giant Sale

On top of Memorial Day menswear sales, the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale 2021 is here, too, just to lay waste to your credit card (but do wonders for your closet). Thankfully, the retailer’s latest blowout is loaded with more than enough wild markdowns to hold your attention: we’re talking tens of thousands of steals on everything from designer menswear to swanky homewares to all the grooming goods you need to look your freshest for summer. 

And while you should absolutely peruse Nordstrom’s full sale section, we’ve given you a jumpstart by pulling, in our humble opinion, the 33 best deals from

A 6-Year-Old Was Chained and Hungry in a Syrian Camp. Then She Died.

BEIRUT, Lebanon — In a photo of the girl taken a few months before she died, her light brown hair is matted, her face and clothes smudged with dirt. She holds a chain in her tiny hands — a glimpse of the hardships of her all-too-short life.

Six-year-old Nahla al-Othman spent her final years living in a crowded tent with her father and siblings in an impoverished camp for Syrians displaced by a decade of war and largely forgotten by the world. To keep her from wandering around the camp, the family said, her father often shackled her and locked

Most Requested: JT Steps Out in Lanvin x Gallery Department Hand Print Multicolor Button Shirt + Paint Splattered Bag

You ask, we answer, most requested! @iamchaun2.0 says, “We need to know whose this shirt by! ?” @_.ariiee._ adds, “Good morning ! Where did JT get this top?” @brownskin_kesh writes, “Hello @fashionbombdaily do you know where Jt get her shirt from.” @lavishheightslydia types, “I must know!!!”

 JT from the City Girls stepped out wearing pieces from the Lanvin collaboration with Gallery Department including their $795 handprint shirt and $990 bag.

Her sold out shirt features multicolored hand prints.

She also splurged on a bag from the collection, which is made out of paper and features an archival logo print and artwork by artist Josué Thomas.

She looks hot!

Her shirt is sold …

Nashville Hat Shop Sold Yellow Star Anti-Vaccine Patches

Protesters gathered on Saturday outside a hat store in Nashville that sold “not vaccinated” Star of David patches and compared vaccine passports to the Nazi practice of requesting “your papers.”

The store, Hatwrks, said on Instagram in a post that was later deleted that it was selling the patches for $5. Amid an outbreak of anti-Semitic attacks across the country, the post was criticized on social media and outside the store, where protesters held signs saying “no Nazis in Nashville” and “sell hats not hate.”

A separate post to the store’s Instagram account — which also touted “mask free shopping”