Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Cindy from Dallas

Hey Bombshells! Today’s Fashion Bombshell of the Day is Cindy from Dallas, check her out below.

She says, “I am a fashion, beauty and travel blogger of Foreign Fresh. I am bilingual in Italian and have a big love for fashion & travel. I am not afraid of wearing bright bold colors and love styling different colors together. From clothing, to accessories to lipstick shades, I always have to have at least 1 pop of color.

Cindy’s style is very fun and flirty don’t you think? Let us know in the comments.

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a

China Adds More Parks to Its Cities to Raise Quality of Life

SHANGHAI — Suzhou Creek was little more than an open sewer for decades as its murky waters coursed through the heart of Shanghai. Now, it teems with life along verdant banks that stretch for 26 miles.

Joggers wind along burgundy paths lined with azaleas, wisteria and osmanthus. Fishermen catch carp weighing up to 11 pounds. Children skip rope, while elderly couples rest on waterfront benches.

“In the past, we couldn’t even come near Suzhou Creek because the water reeked and was black,” said Zhang Guanghe, a 79-year-old retired fertilizer factory foreman, as construction crews planted more trees along the water.

China Needs More Babies. Some Men Want Vasectomies Instead.

Huang Yulong never wanted a baby. As a child, he resented his parents, who left him in the care of relatives while they worked in faraway factories, visiting roughly once a year. He never felt a need to reproduce or pass on the family name.

So, at the age of 26, he had a vasectomy.

“For our generation, children aren’t a necessity,” said Mr. Huang, a bachelor in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. “Now we can live without any burdens. So why not invest our spiritual and economic resources on our own lives?”

Mr. Huang, 27, is striving for

Maureen Dowd Talks ‘Mare of Easttown’ With Kate Winslet

“I think my days are getting a little bit numbered of doing nudity,” she said. “I’m just not that comfortable doing it anymore. It’s not even really an age thing, actually. There comes a point where people are going to go, ‘Oh, here she goes again.’” She jokes that it’s not fair to camera operators to have to work to get the best angles as her body changes.

Ms. Winslet has a daughter, Mia, 20, with her first husband, Jim Threapleton, a director whom she met on the set of “Hideous Kinky.” She has a son, Joe, 17, with Sam …