The Gospel of Rebecca Minkoff

The designer Rebecca Minkoff takes issue with the widely accepted image of self-care: the turmeric lattes, the face masks in salt baths, the aromatherapy and massage, as she puts it.

“Work can be self-care, too,” she writes in “Fearless,” a book of business advice she drafted during the pandemic, published last week.

She’s particularly resistant to the notion that self-care can solve burnout — the feeling of acute exhaustion that has gained more attention recently. “There is no scented candle in the world that will make that feeling go away.”

smart store. In 2019, before Covid-19 upended the fashion industry,

They Voted for Brexit, but Not the Giant Truck Park That Came With It

MERSHAM, England — Since work began on a post-Brexit border checkpoint, villagers nearby have complained of construction noise, a cloud of dust, damage to their homes, unsavory refuse and giant trucks blasting their horns at night and getting stranded on tiny rural roads.

But the real problem starts like clockwork each evening when hundreds of floodlights from the giant vehicle park illuminate the skyline so much that, on one recent night, a dramatic bolt of summer lightning looked like a faint flicker.

Five years after Britons voted to leave the European Union, the aftershocks are still being registered. But few

Hong Kong Protester Who Crashed Into Police Faces First Security Law Trial

Mr. Tong’s lawyers are expected to argue, as have many protesters, that the phrase represents a desire to reclaim Hong Kong’s unique identity from the heavy-handed influence of Beijing. The government has said the slogan represents a call for independence, and thus violates the security law.

That a political slogan could constitute a criminal offense is still a new and unsettling idea in Hong Kong, where residents had for decades enjoyed the right to protest, freedoms largely unseen in mainland China.

“We must bear in mind the context. The words he had, we need to understand that during that period …