The Revolutionary Conformity of the ’70s “Clone” Look

“When I think back on having lived through the time, it was like gay guys were escaping from this stereotype that was just inculcated into the culture of sissies and faggots,” says Woodruff. “Part of escaping from that was costuming. And it goes back to these American fashion lineages like cowboys, sailors, lumberjacks, mechanics. Things that are traditionally masculine vocations. [The clone] became this amalgam and then Parker really took off with it.”

But not everyone was equally free to wear the costume. “The clone look was certainly about a white gay man’s response and engagement with those archetypes,” says …

J Hotel Shanghai Tower: World’s highest hotel opens in China

(CNN) — Shanghai’s already-hot hotel scene just keeps getting hotter.

The J Hotel Shanghai Tower, which opened on June 19, isn’t just another high-end property.

It claims to be the highest hotel in the world. The J Hotel occupies the top floors of the Shanghai Tower — which at 632 meters (about 2,000 feet) is the tallest building in all of China.

Aside from impressive bragging rights, what is the hotel actually like? The J has 165 rooms, of which 34 are suites. There’s 24/7 personal butler service, an indoor swimming pool, toiletries by Hermes and Diptyque, magnolia petal-shaped bathtubs,