Live Updates: On the Ground in Haiti, Our Reporter Finds a Fearful Capital

Magali Comeau-Denis, center, on Tuesday with a group called “The Commission,” which represents more than 100 civil society organizations in Haiti.
Credit…Federico Rios for The New York Times

Some want a commission examining Haiti’s endemic corruption. Others want a plan on how to feed people in a nation where many go hungry. Then there are the pressing issues of joblessness and education, earthquake-battered infrastructure and women’s rights.

As political mayhem continued to buffet Haiti after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, a group of Haitian activists said it was daring to dream the

Live Updates: Haitian Officials Say U.S.-Based Suspect in President’s Killing Was Seeking Power

assassination of President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti has been met with bewilderment by some who knew him and surprise by prominent Haitian Americans who said he was not known as a major political player.

At the same time, a university professor who met with the doctor twice last month said that he had spoken then of being sent by God to take over Haiti’s presidency.

About two dozen people have been arrested in the killing, and Haitian officials have placed the doctor, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, at the center of an investigation that has stretched out from Haiti to Colombia …

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