London’s Mayor Says Masks Are Still Mandatory on Public Transport

Face masks will continue to be mandatory on London’s subways and buses even after the government lifts the legal requirement to wear them on July 19, the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, said on Wednesday.

Mr. Khan’s announcement puts the London rules at odds with those announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is pushing ahead with a plan to lift almost all Covid restrictions in England, even as coronavirus infections surge and hospital admissions begin to mount.

Adding to the messaging confusion, Mr. Johnson has encouraged people to continue wearing masks in crowded and confined places even though, under the

Northern Ireland’s Marching Season Begins in a Fraught Year for Unionists

The loyalist marching season kicks off in Northern Ireland at a time of growing tensions, driven by discontent over Brexit, that is also causing divisions within the largely Protestant unionist community.

DERRY, Northern Ireland — The curbs are painted the blue, red and white of Britain’s Union Jack in the Fountain public housing development, the only Protestant enclave in this part of Derry, Northern Ireland. The ashes of a bonfire fueled with the tricolor flag of neighboring Ireland lay in a central square.

Along these narrow streets, bands from the Protestant community marched on Monday to mark July 12, a

Bella Hadid Turns Heads at 2021 Cannes Film Festival Wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Black and White Dress and Schiaparelli Long Sleeve Black Dress With Gold Lungs Necklace

With the 2021 74th Cannes Film Festival underway, many celebrities have made appearances on the red carpet in their best designer looks including Jodie Smith-Turner, Spike Lee, Didi Stone, and Tilda Winton to name a few. While we’ve been graced with endless looks all week, everyone’s eyes seem to be on Bella Hadid who graced the red carpet wearing head-turning pieces by Jean Paul Gaultier and Schiaparelli.

Bella Hadid wore a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier dress, styled by Carlos Nazario. The dress has been spotted on Naomi Campbell during the brand’s Spring 2002 Couture runway show, consisting of a black …

Big Dreams and False Claims: How Colombians Got Embroiled in Haiti Assassination

Colombian officials have said that their investigation into their citizens’ involvement in the assassination plot is focused on Germán Alejandro Rivera, a retired captain, who they say appears to have been a primary contact for the U.S.-based recruiters.

Colombian consular officials still have not had access to their detained citizens, forcing them to rely on the information provided by the Haitian authorities, Colombia’s deputy foreign minister, Francisco Echeverri, told reporters on Monday.

But according to reports in the Colombian media, citing the country’s intelligence officers, Mr. Rivera told Haitian prosecutors that he was among a group of seven retired Colombian …