What to Do This Weekend

Welcome. The movies are back. Broadway is back. Public displays of affection are back. Travel is back (and it smells like weed). “Ted Lasso,” co-working spaces and even the goat landscapers of Manhattan’s Riverside Park are back.

But what does it mean to be back, really? Indoor masking is back in Los Angeles. Rising case numbers are back, too, across the U.S. Over the past year and a half, I’ve learned to take the good news with gratitude and with caution. When things come back, many of us are inclined to hold them carefully, knowing that “back” means different things

Live Updates: Europe Flooding Death Toll Passes 100 as Climate Change Worsens Extreme Rainfall

devastation from the floods came from all around Western Europe as the death toll passed 125 on Friday, with another 1,300 people still missing. Roads buckled and washed away. Cars piled atop one another. Houses were inundated to the roof tiles. Frightened residents were being evacuated in the shovels of earth movers.

But nowhere was affected more than Germany, where hundreds were still unaccounted for and the death toll had reached 106 and was expected to rise as rescue workers combed through the debris. At least 20 were reported dead in Belgium.

A European weather agency had issued an “extreme” …

Fingerprint found on 500-year-old statue may belong to Michelangelo

Written by Megan C. Hills, CNN

A small wax statue may have brought us closer than ever to Michelangelo, after museum experts found what they believe to be the Renaissance master’s fingerprint — or thumbprint — pressed into the material.

Specialists at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) discovered the mark on a dark red figurine, which was an initial sketch model for a larger unfinished marble sculpture.

The 500-year-old waxwork, titled “A Slave,” was part of Michelangelo’s preparations for Pope Julius II’s elaborate tomb in Rome. It depicts a young naked figure with its arm thrown across its face. …

‘Modern Love’ Season 2: Watch the Trailer

Nearly two years ago, “Modern Love” premiered worldwide as an eight-episode streaming series on Prime Video. Inspired by essays from the Modern Love column, the episodes explored love in New York City in many forms, including dating with bipolar disorder and a gay couple adopting a baby girl.

The show’s second season, which will begin streaming on Aug. 13, goes international, with three episodes set in Ireland (along with five in New York).

Also new this season: One of the episodes, “Strangers on a Train,” starring Kit Harington and Lucy Boynton, was inspired not by a Modern Love essay but