The Pandemic Has a New Epicenter: Indonesia

BEKASI, Indonesia — By the thousands, they sleep in hallways, tents and cars, gasping for air as they wait for beds in overcrowded hospitals that may not have oxygen to give them. Others see hospitals as hopeless, even dangerous, and take their chances at home.

Wherever they lie, as Covid-19 steals their breath away, their families engage in a frantic, daily hunt for scarce supplies of life-giving oxygen.

Indonesia has become the new epicenter of the pandemic, surpassing India and Brazil to become the country with the world’s highest count of new infections. ​ The surge is part of a

Keith McNally Stirs the Pot

One of the luckiest things that can happen to a restaurant is for it to remain open long enough to become a place that famous people used to go.

That was part of what made the March reopening of Balthazar, a SoHo mainstay since the height of the dot-com bubble, unusual. Jay-Z and Beyoncé turned up for dinner. Nancy Pelosi came for breakfast. Patrons made out at their tables, took trips together to the bathroom.

“People are horny!” said Jonathan Wynne, the bartender.

But all those shows have been upstaged by the one the restaurant’s 69-year-old owner, Keith McNally, is

As Frozen Land Burns, Siberia Trembles: ‘If We Don’t Have the Forest, We Don’t Have Life’

Northeastern Siberia is a place where people take Arctic temperatures in stride. But 100-degree days are another matter entirely.

MAGARAS, Russia — The call for help lit up villagers’ phones at 7:42 on a muggy and painfully smoky evening on Siberia’s fast-warming permafrost expanse.

“We urgently ask all men to come to the town hall at 8,” read the WhatsApp message from the mayor’s office. “The fire has reached the highway.”

A farmer hopped on a tractor towing a big blue bag of water and trundled into a foreboding haze. The ever-thickening

European Floods Are Latest Sign of a Global Warming Crisis

The German flood warning system leaves it up to local officials to decide what action to take, on the theory that they are best informed about local terrain and what people or property lies in the path of an overflowing river.

In some cases it appears that warnings were issued in time. In the city of Wuppertal, located in a valley bisected by the Wupper River, a crisis committee including police, the fire department and city officials used social media to urge people to stay at home.

Early on Thursday, shortly after midnight, they sounded a warning siren, which sounds …