Tiny Love Stories: ‘Don’t Date People in Your Neighborhood’

In December 2020, my boyfriend and I hiked Kranzhorn, a mountain that divides Austria and Germany. As we climbed, the snow drifts thickened. We were surprised to see a fit middle-aged man bike past us alone. When we reached the summit, we saw him again — this time, with a woman. On our way down, the biker, now alone, passed us one more time. We asked about the woman. He lived on the German side of the border and she on the Austrian. Even in the strictest of times, they had found a way to

I.M.F. World Economic Outlook Forecasts 6 Percent Global Growth

The International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday that the gap between rich and poor countries was widening amid the pandemic, with low vaccination rates in emerging economies leading to a lopsided global recovery.

The I.M.F. maintained its 2021 global growth forecast of 6 percent in its latest World Economic Outlook report, largely because advanced economies, including the United States, expect slightly faster growth than the global body previously forecast. Economic growth in developing countries is expected to be more sluggish, and the global body said the spread of more contagious variants of the virus posed a threat to the recovery.

Hong Kong Protester Is Convicted in First Trial Under Tough Security Law

The discussion covered a range of history, from the ancient Shang and Zhou dynasties to the Cultural Revolution and Malcolm X. Professor Lau testified that the slogan, which was coined in 2016 by Edward Leung, a now-imprisoned pro-independence activist, called for acts of violence to end China’s control of Hong Kong.

Mr. Tong’s attorneys had argued that the slogan was open to interpretation.

“Just as if somebody says let’s go fight for our rights, that doesn’t necessarily mean get out a gun and start shooting people,” said Clive Grossman, Mr. Tong’s lead defense attorney.

Two defense witnesses, Eliza Lee, a …