Belarus Sprinter’s Defection Sheds Light on a Dictator’s Levers of Control

When Belarusian Olympic officials came to Kristina Timanovskaya’s room after the sprinter complained publicly about her coaches, the head of the national team made it clear they had an order for her to return home — and it came from the top.

That’s because, like much else in Belarus, sports is a family-run business. That family belongs to President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, who has held sway with authoritarian power in the Eastern European country for 27 years.

Ms. Timanovskaya refused and defected in an Olympic scandal reminiscent of the Cold War. On Wednesday, she arrived in Poland, which had offered

Rihanna Is Now Officially a Billionaire With an Estimated Net Worth of $1.7 Billion, Making Her the Richest Female Musician in the World

Music artist and entrepreneur Rihanna is now officially a billionaire, per Forbes, which makes now her the wealthiest female musician in the world and the second richest female entertainer in the world next to Oprah Winfrey.

Rihanna‘s estimated net worth is now $1.7 billion and she can thank her Fenty Beauty brand for her new billionaire status. Launched in 2017, the Fenty Beauty brand entered the beauty industry as the ultimate game changer, introducing the world to a truly diverse beauty brand with a range of foundation shades for nearly every skin tone including those of which were hard …

After Months as a Covid Success Story, China Tries to Tame Delta

In the battle against the coronavirus, few places seemed as confident of victory as China.

The country of 1.4 billion people had eradicated the virus so quickly that it was one of the first in the world to open up in spring last year. People removed their masks and gathered for pool parties. In recent months, the government has contended with sporadic outbreaks in various provinces, but stamped them out swiftly by mobilizing thousands of people to test and trace infections, as well as locking down communities.

That model is now looking increasingly fragile.

China is facing its biggest challenge