Last Stop on the Way to the Cosmos? No Thanks.

On an isolated archipelago off the coast of Georgia, where the vestiges of America’s Gilded Age aristocracy keep sprawling estates in tropical wilds, a controversy is roiling over a proposed spaceport.

On one side of the fight are the commissioners of Camden County, Ga., who have put nine years and close to 10 million taxpayer dollars toward the construction of a rocket launch facility on the mainland that they say will bring jobs, tourism and cachet to the area of about 55,000 people.

On the other are residents of the nearby barrier islands and coastline who fear falling debris, toxic

How 2 Afghan Paralympians Defied the Odds to Get From Kabul to Tokyo

Ms. Khudadadi and Mr. Rasouli reached Paris after transiting through Dubai, said Mr. Parsons of the I.P.C. Ms. Dryden said that more than 80 Afghan athletes in all landed in Dubai after being evacuated from Kabul.

All of those athletes will be issued humanitarian visas to travel to Australia, according to Ms. Dryden. She said that the Afghan Paralympians, if they chose, would be allowed to settle in the country after completing their competition, adding that they seemed “grateful about the chance to come to Australia.”

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs declined to comment.

In Paris, where officials worked to …