Taliban Officials Say International Flights at Kabul Airport Will Resume

The first passenger flight to leave Afghanistan since the frenzied U.S. military evacuation ended late last month arrived in Doha, the Qatari capital, on Thursday with more than 100 foreigners, including Americans, aboard, and Biden administration officials said they expected more such flights in coming days.

“We can confirm that flight has safely landed in Qatar,” Emily Horne, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, said in a statement on Thursday afternoon that expressed gratitude to the Qatari government for sending the plane and facilitating the flight.

The statement also offered a measured assessment of coordination with the Taliban, who

Smart Glasses Made Google Look Dumb. Now Facebook Is Giving Them a Try.

SAN FRANCISCO — Last Saturday, after a three-mile hike through the Presidio, I stood in a throng of tourists looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. As the crowd snapped photos of the landmark, I decided to join in.

But instead of reaching into my pocket for my iPhone, I tapped the side of my Ray-Ban sunglasses until I heard the click of a shutter. Later, I downloaded the photos that my sunglasses had just taken to my phone.

The process was instant, simple, unobtrusive — and it was powered by Facebook, which has teamed up with Ray-Ban. Their new line

My Enemy’s Enemy…: The U.S. Allies with the Taliban Against Terror