Live Updates: Merkel’s Party Suffers Sweeping Losses as Germans Spread Vote

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Preliminary official results showed the Social Democrats ahead in Germany’s election, with no party winning a decisive majority and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats facing a sharp drop in their share of the vote.CreditCredit…Laetitia Vancon for The New York Times

For a moment it felt as if he were already chancellor. As Olaf Scholz stood on the stage surrounded by euphoric followers chanting his name and celebrating him as they would the next leader of Germany, he was the clear winner of the night.

Mr. Scholz had just done the

An Immersive, Absurdist Show to Remember

MILAN — Finally, a kind of catharsis. An event that — like the 150th-ranked Emma Raducanu winning the U.S. Open or Chloé Zhao getting to direct a Marvel movie — kicked open the door after months of mostly isolation to shake us out of complacency.

From the start, it was clear that this Marni show was not going to be like the other ones. Every guest was asked to wear a sort of Marni uniform — an upcycled garment from a former collection that the designer Francesco Risso and his team had hand-painted with sweeping washes of stripes — and

German Elections Live Updates: Social Democrats Have Narrowly Beaten Merkel’s Party

ImageOlaf Scholz at the German Social Democrats party headquarters following the SPD’s narrow win in the federal elections, in Berlin, on Monday.
Credit…Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A tired looking Olaf Scholz took to the stage Monday morning at his Social Democratic headquarters, making clear that he saw his party’s significant gains in the election as a mandate from voters to head up the next government with the two smaller parties that also made gains in Sunday’s vote.

“Voters have clearly spoken,” he said. “They have said who should build the next government by

Intrigue Deepens at U.N. Over Myanmar and Afghanistan

No official representing Myanmar will speak on Monday, the final day of the United Nations General Assembly plenary, U.N. officials said, in an apparent 11th-hour compromise that would deny a global platform to the country’s warring democratic and militarist factions.

Myanmar’s credentialed U.N. ambassador, U Kyaw Moe Tun, was scheduled to speak on Monday. Mr. Kyaw Moe Tun was appointed by the government that was toppled by a coup in February. He has since publicly assailed the junta that now governs the country, but which is not widely recognized by the international community.

Myanmar was previously included on a roster

A Backpack That Asks: What Is a Backpack?

Fashion Week is back in full force, and there’s a lot to see. Blink (or scroll too fast on Instagram) and you’ll miss the details: tiny bags, tall shoes, feathered hats, leather capes and diamond dog collars. So as part of a new series, Wow Moment, we’ll spotlight things we saw on the runways that delighted or mystified us.

MILAN — Collaborations have dominated fashion for some time now, and there is a particular union that tends to succeed: cool luxury designers joining with classic accessories brands experiencing a cultural renaissance. Birkenstock has worked with Jil Sander and Proenza Schouler.

How Record Rain and Officials’ Mistakes in China Led to Drownings on a Subway

ZHENGZHOU, China — The heaviest hour of rainfall ever reliably recorded in China crashed like a miles-wide waterfall over the city of Zhengzhou on July 20, killing at least 300 people, including 14 who drowned in a subway tunnel.

In the aftermath, regional and national officials initially suggested that little could have been done in the face of a storm of such magnitude.

But an analysis of how the authorities responded that day, based on government documents, interviews with experts and Chinese news reports, shows that flaws in the subway system’s design and missteps in its operations that day almost

Whales So Close You Can Touch Them: An Adventure in Canada

The trail to our yurt was narrow, muddy and peppered with tiny ceramic and plastic gnomes, fairies and bears. My 8-year-old daughter, clutching her stuffed giraffe and gingerly avoiding the knotty roots, spotted a miniature tiger, crouched at the base of a pine tree.

She was too weary to offer it anything more than a casual nod as she trudged along behind her father and 11-year-old brother, weighted down by her pink sequined backpack and the six-and-a-half hours we’d spent on the road from Montreal to get here, to a town called Sacré-Coeur that hugs the Saguenay River in the

Affluent, Anxious and Almost Normal: A Journey Through Merkel’s Germany

As Germany heads into an election that will see Angela Merkel step down after 16 years as chancellor, she leaves behind a country profoundly changed — and anxious about changing more.

STUTTGART, Germany — The small silver star at the tip of Aleksandar Djordjevic’s Mercedes shines bright. He polishes it every week.

Mr. Djordjevic makes combustion engines for Daimler, one of Germany’s flagship carmakers. He has a salary of around 60,000 euros (about $70,000), eight weeks of vacation and a guarantee negotiated by the union that he cannot be fired until 2030. He

Let’s Talk About Sex

MILAN — Forget the summer of love; welcome to the season of sex. It has been bubbling up ever since New York Fashion Week began (ever since the naked summer, really). But on Friday it moved to the center of the catwalk conversation.

When Versace and Prada — the id and the ego of the Italian industry — both start getting fleshy, something is going on.

There they were: a dozen shirtless six-packed men in black trousers, parading down the runway at Versace to take positions on either side, next to a series of braided black silken ropes. On cue,

Ms. Meng’s Release Could Reduce Friction Between U.S. and China

The deal to release Meng Wanzhou could reduce a nettlesome conflict in U.S.-China relations.

President Donald J. Trump took an aggressively adversarial stance toward China, castigating Beijing for what he called unfair trade policies, blaming it for the coronavirus pandemic, blocking Chinese technology companies from the lucrative American market and imposing heavy tariffs on Chinese exports. The Trump administration also accused Huawei of stealing technology from its Western rivals.

Since coming to office, President Biden has also taken a tough position on China. He has sought to establish the United States as a democratic counterpoint to the authoritarian country, stressing