Mohib Ullah, 46, Dies; Documented Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya

Mohammed Mohib Ullah was born to Fazal Ahmed and Ummel Fazal in a village in Maungdaw Township, a Rohingya-majority sliver of land abutting Bangladesh. His father was a teacher, and Mr. Mohib Ullah followed in his footsteps, teaching science. He was part of a generation of middle-class Rohingya who could still take part in Myanmar life. He studied botany at a college in Yangon, the country’s largest city, which is home to a sizable Muslim population.

In Maungdaw, a bustling town of markets and mosques, he took another job as an administrator. The work earned him the skepticism of some …

A TikTok Subway Artist Finds His Way to the Lower East Side

At first, he posted time-lapse videos of his sketches-in-progress, set to a catchy song, offering viewers the chance to compare his portraits with their real-life inspirations — the pencil-shadow precision of the wrinkled jeans or the cockeyed face mask. He started getting more views but not as much as he hoped. “I was posting thinking, ‘Oh, I’m talented. This is going to go viral.’ But none of it went viral. If it’s not a spectacle, people don’t care.”

Then he noticed a comment on one of the videos: “You should give it to them at the end.”

At first, Mr. …

Couple and their dog attacked by bear on Blue Ridge Parkway

(CNN) — A couple was attacked by a bear and treated for injuries Wednesday evening on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, North Carolina, according to a release from parkway officials.

The couple was picnicking on a grassy hill near the Folk Art Center, a museum of Appalachian arts and crafts, when their unleashed dog alerted them to a bear.

The dog ran towards the bear, barking loudly, and park officials believe the bear was likely aggravated by the dog, acting “defensively” toward the dog and the couple.

Over the next several minutes, the bear repeatedly attacked until the couple

In Harmony for 14 Years

Christopher Michael Repotski and Michael Sean McClenney have been traveling to Provincetown, Mass., for Labor Day every year since 2016. So, it made perfect sense for their wedding to be there, too, with tea dances and parasols included.

The couple, who now reside in Atlanta, met while in the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus. Mr. Repotski, 45, a project manager for the digital learning services company LEO Learning, joined the chorus in the fall of 2007, “wanting to get back to my first love, performing,” he said.

He made a big impression on Dr. McClenney, 46, the deputy chief of rehabilitation

Why Diversity Seems Easier Said Than Done in Politics

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Recently, I’ve been reporting on the controversy over Labor’s pick to represent Fowler, where Tu Le, a young lawyer and the daughter of Vietnamese migrants, was passed over, with the party instead choosing Kristina Keneally, a party leader and white woman. I’ve been using it as a starting point to examine why Australia’s Parliament lags behind other English-speaking countries when it comes to cultural diversity.

I’ve talked to people from across the political spectrum, including many young people of color within the