In Harmony for 14 Years

Christopher Michael Repotski and Michael Sean McClenney have been traveling to Provincetown, Mass., for Labor Day every year since 2016. So, it made perfect sense for their wedding to be there, too, with tea dances and parasols included.

The couple, who now reside in Atlanta, met while in the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus. Mr. Repotski, 45, a project manager for the digital learning services company LEO Learning, joined the chorus in the fall of 2007, “wanting to get back to my first love, performing,” he said.

He made a big impression on Dr. McClenney, 46, the deputy chief of rehabilitation

Why Diversity Seems Easier Said Than Done in Politics

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Recently, I’ve been reporting on the controversy over Labor’s pick to represent Fowler, where Tu Le, a young lawyer and the daughter of Vietnamese migrants, was passed over, with the party instead choosing Kristina Keneally, a party leader and white woman. I’ve been using it as a starting point to examine why Australia’s Parliament lags behind other English-speaking countries when it comes to cultural diversity.

I’ve talked to people from across the political spectrum, including many young people of color within the

Sarah Everard’s Killer, Wayne Couzens, Sentenced to Life in Prison

LONDON — The police officer who abducted, raped and murdered Sarah Everard was sentenced on Thursday to life in prison by Britain’s top criminal court, after two days of hearings that reignited outrage at the way London’s police department handles cases involving violence against women.

The sentence was announced a day after prosecutors detailed how the officer, Wayne Couzens, abused his authority and, under the guise of the coronavirus restrictions imposed during a national lockdown in March, deceived Ms. Everard into thinking that she was under arrest. Prosecutors said he used his official credentials, equipment and training to carry out

We Wanted to Split Up. OkCupid Had Other Ideas.

Four years into our marriage, my husband found me on OkCupid.

I had only joined the site to check out his profile. He had joined to find someone else.

A friend helped me with the long sign-up process after we returned to my place from our weekly two-ounce glass of moscato at the Mission Inn wine bar. Neither of us were really drinkers — I was new to alcohol in my mid-40s — and this was as much as we would allow ourselves, this tiny swig of sweetness.

“What name should I use?” I said, curled on my couch as

As Need in Afghanistan Grows Dire, Aid Groups Plead for Help

KABUL, Afghanistan — The health care system in Afghanistan is on the brink of collapse, international aid groups warned this week, threatening to deepen the country’s humanitarian crisis just as temperatures begin dropping.

Thousands of health care facilities have run out of essential medicines. Afghan doctors have not been paid in two months, with no paychecks in sight. And in recent weeks, there has been a surge of cases of measles and diarrhea, according to the World Health Organization.

For two decades, aid from the World Bank and other international donors propped up the country’s health care system, but after