Karl Lagerfeld’s Estate Auction Excites Collectors

PARIS — Karl Lagerfeld, the charismatic designer who died in 2019 and was as much a pop culture figure as a fashion superstar, would have been amused by what has been going on at Sotheby’s in Monaco and Paris this month.

“Karl felt that objects are there to serve, and people shouldn’t be enslaved by them,” said Pierre Mothes, vice president of Sotheby’s France.

“He never wanted to be shut in a mausoleum, like a pharaoh. Twenty years ago, he told me: ‘I don’t want to be the conservator of my own collection.’”

But a series of three auctions of

Meet the Next Big Fashion Group

Laurent Claquin, the head of Kering Americas, called it “an investment in relationships.” He said that Kering put up a seven-figure amount (he declined to specify the exact figure), but he also said it wasn’t a material factor in Kering’s profit and loss statements. Neither YFINY nor the brands are considered part of the group.

Some of those brands were well on their way to making money, and others had essentially no income. But they all, Mr. Jean-Raymond said, had an identifiable “community.”

Take Everard Best, the co-designer, along with Tela D’Amore, of Who Decides War, another YFINY name. “He …

The Best Pillows to Cradle Your Sleepy Little Head

The Coop Home includes a little baggie of extra foam, and it’s easy to add more (or remove foam) until you’ve achieved the perfect amount of height. The adjustable loft is ideal, especially if you’re still trying to figure out what your actual ideal sleep position is in the first place. The adjustable pillow’s outer cover, made of bamboo and polyester, keeps the pillow cool, negating the one big downside of most memory foam pillows. At this price on Amazon, and with a 100-day guarantee and a five-year warranty, it’s a no-brainer pillow to buy right now.

The Best Pillow

The Best Holiday Menswear Sales to Shop Right Now

Whether you’ve left your holiday gift shopping until the last minute or are gearing up for an especially stylish 2022, there are plenty of excuses to go shopping right now. What’s more, the end-of-year markdowns are coming on fast and furious which means you can buy better, buy more, and in some especially tempting cases, take advantage of free expedited shipping while you’re at it. Below is an A-to-Z list of all the 2021 blowout men’s clothing sales we know about, with a small selection of our favorites at the top. We’ll be refreshing this list frequently in the run-up …

Can I Call Out My Friend for Lying About Her Dad’s Death?

Five years ago, a new acquaintance told me her father died when she was a child. I remember the episode distinctly because I was very careful in my response. Now we’re dear friends, and I’m fairly certain her dad is still alive. I met him! When my friend introduced me to her father, I assumed he was her stepfather. But over the course of a long evening with her parents, it was clear that this man and her mother had been together since they were teenagers. I hesitate to ask my friend about this because I don’t want her to

Dear Celebrities: Please Stop Churning Out Beauty Brands

“Celebrities are saying, ‘This is my skin care, this is what I use,’ and ‘No, I don’t get Botox, it’s just my products,’” said Stacey Berke, 34, an addiction counselor from Rochester, N.Y. “It makes it hard to believe.”

The traditional celebrity endorsement is no longer enough. People need to know there’s expertise or, at the very least, an interest in what’s being sold to them.

“It’s more apparent how transactional it is,” said Lucie Greene, a trend forecaster and founder of the Light Years consultancy. “It’s not something you’ve genuinely done because you’re passionate about lip gloss.”

Moreover, everyone …