The Biggest Celebrities of 2021

For centuries, the stars have been used as a guide, their shimmering specks in the sky leading the way through darkness. They have been imbued with subjective meaning and held up as a mirror for the human condition.

Celebrities, the stars of the earthly realm, have played a not-so-different role: We look to them as models, or cautionary tales, and treat their waxing and waning relevance as a barometer of public opinion.

In 2021, the upward trajectories of several celebrities could not be ignored. Their names dominated headlines, their outfits were incessantly emulated. Some, you might say, ruffled the very

An ancient rock crystal jar reveals its full beauty — but keeps some secrets

Written by Jeevan Ravindran, CNN

A stunning gold-wrapped jar crafted out of rock crystal has finally been uncovered in its entirety, revealing a Latin inscription that might provide new clues about its mysterious origins.

Researchers at National Museums Scotland, where the Viking-Age vessel is being conserved, think the receptacle was probably used for religious purposes. And one expert believes it may have been a diplomatic gift from the Roman Empire to an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in Britain.

The treasure was discovered in southwest Scotland in 2014 and is part of the Galloway Hoard — described in a press release as the

The Year in Limbo

If you managed to stay up late, you probably already knew: The very first moments of 2021 arrived with weird vibes. New York’s traditional New Year’s Eve celebration was uncharacteristically muted. No sloppy kissing crowds jammed into Times Square, no messy bar crawls through the streets.

As the year ticked on, we had no boners — and we had no bones: Noodle the pug, a dog in a perpetual state of melting, showed up on TikTok skillfully illustrating the limp limbs of limbo. Given a chance to get out of bed, Noodle would often “crumple with ennui.” So did many

Did This Watch Help Max Verstappen Win the F1 Championship?

It’s fair to say that no one had a better week than Max Verstappen, who clinched his first Formula 1World Drivers’ Championship this week at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. After spending the season chasing freshly knighted F1 champ (and Watches of the Week regular) Sir Lewis Hamilton, the 24-year old Dutchman finally edged out his rival in a nail-biter of a final lap. While Hamilton’s watch-collecting bona fides have been well-documented (thanks to a sponsorship from IWC, he runs deep in pilot watches), Verstappen got off to a strong start in the wristwear game with a new TAG Heuer …

David Arquette on Filming the New ‘Scream’ and Bozo the Clown

“Bozo is my hero,” David Arquette said on a chilly Sunday morning, as he spray painted a Frisbee-sized red circle on a warehouse brick wall in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. “We want to let that clown out.”

Dressed a bit clownish himself in a Bozo trucker cap, Mickey Mouse-pattern Vans and white jeans with a pair of pink tiger-stripe wrestling tights, Mr. Arquette, 50, who used to run with a graffiti-art crew in Los Angeles, was putting the finishing touches on a six-foot-tall rendition of Bozo the Clown.

Bozo is not only Mr. Arquette’s muse these days, but also

Unconventional Wedding Venues Are in Demand

In 2016, Four Brothers Drive-In, and its adjacent restaurant in Amenia, N.Y., in Dutchess County, added weddings to their offerings. John Stefanopoulos, an owner of Four Brothers, along with the nearby Millerton Inn, in Millerton, N.Y., said bookings have only increased since the start of the pandemic.

“Once Covid happened, people went nuts. It amplified the movement to do nontraditional weddings,” he said. “Couples are going to local places rather than franchises.”

Mr. Stefanopoulos cited the desire for off-the-beaten-path experiences and outdoor options as attractions. Plus, couples have the opportunity to play their favorite film in the …

Penélope Cruz Honored at MoMA Film Benefit

The Museum of Modern Art honored Penélope Cruz at its annual Film Benefit on Dec. 14, with tributes from fellow stars who were all dressed in Chanel. On Dec. 10, Susanne Bartsch, the nightlife queen, collected more than 5,000 gifts at her annual Toy Drive, held at Sony Hall; the toys were donated to local hospitals and social services. That same night, the New York Botanical Garden celebrated a holiday train and outdoor light display at its Winter Wonderland Ball.

DEC. 14

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Need a Last-Minute Gift for the Holidays? Try Regifting.

Need a last-minute gift that’s both laziness- and supply chain-friendly? Look no further than your own things.

Yet another outgrowth of the pandemic reset, regifting is the perfect way to funnel your next purge in a way that benefits your friends and family. Have a clown sweater that may not be right for you? Chances are high that you know where its real spiritual home lies.

“If you had a good experience with an object, energetically it gives it a good feeling to the person you give it to,” said Angela Dimayuga, a chef and cookbook author, who shared her