Top Reasons to Visit Ljubljana Once in Your Life

The central location of Ljubljana is what makes this city the perfect headquarters during your Slovenian escapade. From the city, most if not all of Slovenia’s tourist attractions are accessible through a short drive in a car.  If you want to enjoy dipping in the Adriatic Sea, it will only take you one hour and a half to get there

During winter, Ljubljana is only a two-hour drive to reach Kranjska Gora Ski Center where you can indulge in skiing on the gorgeous ski slopes. If you want to get to the country’s eastern part, such as the Murska Sobota, …

Top Reasons to Start Playing the Harmonica

Trying to play the accordion can be a bit physically demanding. You need to use your fingers and hands to operate this instrument and apply varying amounts of pressure while moving through the song.

Regular accordion practices can help improve not only the dexterity but even the overall strength of both your fingers and hands. You might soon notice that your grip has gotten stronger when doing other activities outside your practice. 

If you also like to play sports, this improved strength of your hands and fingers can give you a better grip on the ball as well as an …