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Having a dog is one of life’s great joys — though it can also come with messes, destroyed furniture and those ever-dreaded health issues. Fortunately, just like with us humans, there are plenty of gadgets out there that will allow your furry best friend to live a happier, healthier and more treat-filled life.

We sniffed out some of the most well-regarded pet tech products on the web, from automatic feeders and stimulating toys to trackers and cameras that make it easy to keep tabs on your pet when you’re away from home. We picked the following items for your pooch based on a combination of overall popularity and high ratings from expert reviews around the web, as well as from our own experience with our fluffy best friends.

On top of making your dog happy, many of these gadgets will afford you some much-needed peace of mind. Read on for the doggy-down low.

Pooch Selfie Stick ($9.99; amazon.com)

Pooch Selfie Stick
Pooch Selfie Stick

Getting a good photo of your dog can be hard enough (although the payoff is always worth it), but selfies

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