Kristin Banta is a Los Angeles event planner specializing in weddings, but you might not know this from her recent functions.

For one wedding, she designed a gigantic banana peel on the reception floor. In another, she worked with vendors to construct 250 feet of golden nautical rope to serve as a centerpiece. She had a flock of 5,000 paper cranes made for a third.

The strangest, though, may have been the antlers dipped in automotive paint. Or maybe it was the floating candy cloud reachable via a golden ladder.

“Today’s couples want something provocative, memorable, experiential, tactile and reflective of who they are as a couple,” Ms. Banta said.

Ms. Banta added that although this artsy trend started before the pandemic, she has noticed an increase in new clients who want to incorporate installations in their wedding design.

It’s not enough anymore for a couple to toss a few floral centerpieces on a table, serve a meal, hire a DJ or band. Artists are now the newest in-demand vendor as some weddings are starting to resemble interactive art galleries.

Dr. Prethee Martina, a 29-year-old plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Chennai, capital of the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, has been obsessed with Vincent Van Gogh since she was a teen. So when it came time to plan her wedding to Dr. Ram Gautham, an orthopedic surgeon, last November in Pondicherry, India, she wanted her favorite artist to play a major role.

“I ended up going into medicine,” she said, “but I’ve always wanted the first artist I was introduced to to be a part of such an important day in our

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