Thousands of Americans are jailed before trial. A new report shows the lasting impact.

Pretrial detention, or keeping a person who has been accused of a crime in jail until their trial, is a common practice.

It’s been touted as a way to both ensure public safety and get people to appear in court.

But a growing body of research suggests that its effectiveness has been overstated — and that this practice is causing serious harm to the hundreds of thousands of unconvicted people pushed into jails largely because they can’t afford to pay the bail money required to remain free.

A new report on pretrial detention released by the Vera Institute of Justice …

Who nailed “camp” on the Met Gala red carpet?

Even if you don’t care about fashion, you should still care about the Met Gala.

Unlike how, say, the Grammy Awards loves to refer to itself as “music’s biggest night,” the Met Gala actually is fashion’s biggest night. It’s the one event wherein the most famous people in the world — reclusive pop stars, Oscar-winning actors, and literal royalty, all personally invited by Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour — gather at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in the most extravagant, most intensely planned outfits we’ll see them in all year.

Here, celebrities receive no points for …

After a weekend of violence, Israel and Gaza reach a tentative ceasefire

An apparent ceasefire has halted a weekend of deadly fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

The Associated Press reports that least 25 Palestinians were killed, including militants and civilians, and at least four Israeli civilians died in this weekend’s violent outburst.

Palestinian militant groups — specifically Hamas and Islamic Jihad — launched nearly 700 rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Israel responded with a barrage of air and tank strikes, totaling about 350 by Monday morning, reports the Guardian. Israel also used targeted airstrikes, and reportedly

Game of Thrones’ Missandei controversy, explained

Hardly anyone expected that episode four of Game of Thrones’ final season, “The Last of the Starks,” would hold more twists and turns than the dramatic episode that preceded it. But after the Battle of Winterfell, the series’ shift to King’s Landing proved to hold a number of shocking moments that no one saw coming.

One of the biggest was the gruesome death of a significant character, news of which leaked online before the episode aired. A short clip that circulated from the episode included the death without any context, sparking confusion and outrage from many Game of

Trump picks former Border Patrol chief to lead ICE

Mark Morgan, a veteran FBI agent who was in charge of the US Border Patrol during the final days of the Obama administration, has been chosen by President Trump to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“Mark is a true believer and American patriot,” Trump tweeted on Sunday. “He will do a great job!”

Donald Trump spent Saturday retweeting far-right personalities. Then he told them they’re right.

President Donald Trump seemed to spend a lot of time Saturday morning on Twitter, retweeting Islamophobic content, as well as sharing tweets defending far-right activists recently banned from Facebook.

The president retweeted a video from Deep State Exposed, an alt-right account that contains numerous Islamophobic tweets and conspiracy theories, including some linked to QAnon. The account’s author, Jeremy Stone, mentions in his Twitter bio that the president has retweeted him nine times.

As Vox’s Jane Coaston explained, QAnon is a tangled group of conspiracy theories that include claims prominent Democrats are secretly being monitored, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un …

Cyclone Fani: what we know

An enormous tropical cyclone made landfall in eastern India Friday near the coastal city of Puri, impacting an area that’s home to tens of millions of people.

It’s believed the storm, called Cyclone Fani (pronounced “Foni”), struck the coast with winds in excess of 115 miles per hour (equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane). That makes it the strongest storm to hit India in 20 years.

The storm has since weakened but will remain a dangerous system as it moves up India’s east coast toward Bangladesh, where 2.1 million people are expected to be evacuated, according to CNN. …

Vox Sentences: Repercussions for the opioid epidemic hit the bosses

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The founder of a major drug company is convicted; British anger with Brexit is displayed in election results.

Drug company executives found guilty of racketeering

Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
  • Five top executives of the drug company Insys Therapeutics were found guilty of dishonest business practices, pointing to the government’s efforts to hold Big Pharma accountable for the opioid crisis. [

The Trump administration’s Venezuela policy is failing

The Trump administration has been trying for months to remove Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro from power. So far, they’ve failed miserably.

In January, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself the country’s rightful president. He argued that Maduro, who has been in power for six years, rigged the election last May that kept him in charge — and that as a result, Guaidó, as the head of the National Assembly, is now the rightful interim president of the country according to the Venezuelan constitution.

The United States immediately backed his claim, and has been working ever since to help …

YouTube says it’s still trying to fix itself. But it’s not going to stop selling itself to advertisers.

Youtube spent the last year confronting accusations that it had become a haven for people who used the video site to distribute disinformation, hatred and abuse.

Just like it did the year before.

And on Thursday night, YouTube gathered thousands of advertisers and told them it took those problems very seriously. Then it put on a glitzy show aimed at getting them to give YouTube all of their money.

Just like it did the year before.

If you attended this year’s “Brandcast” event at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall and last year’s, it would be easy to …