Trump’s “Salute to America” speech wasn’t as bad as some feared. But it was still weird.

If you were worried President Donald Trump would use his July 4 “Salute to America” event as an opportunity to blast Democrats or the FBI in front of the Lincoln Memorial, you can rest easy. During the rain-soaked event, Trump avoided partisan politics, and instead focused on glorifying the US military — occasionally in completely and amusingly ahistorical ways.

At one point Trump, struggling to read his speech, claimed that the US military “took over the airports” during the Revolutionary War, which of course took place well over a century before airplanes were even invented.

“The Continental Army …

Restoring forests may be our most powerful weapon in fighting climate change

Allowing the Earth’s forests to recover could cancel out the majority of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to new research.

The worldwide assessment of current and potential forestation using satellite imagery appears Thursday in the journal Science. It shows that letting saplings regrow on land where forests have been cleared would increase global forested area by one-third and remove 205 billion metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere. That’s two thirds of the roughly 300 billion metric tons of carbon humans have put up there since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

The findings show forest restoration could be …

Stranger Things season 3 has good ideas but poor execution

Stranger Things has always worn its heart on its sleeve and flown its nerd flag high. Season three leans into both impulses to deliver a story that’s fun and familiar, one that may seem like a retread of previous seasons. But Stranger Things fans who just want to hang out with their favorite characters from Hawkins, Indiana, are likely to enjoy it nonetheless.

Season three sees the gang mostly split up into smaller subgroups, each doing their own things. But they’re still dealing with the Upside Down, and they each become entangled in different threads of a convoluted web of …

The Alabama woman indicted after a miscarriage will not be prosecuted

One week after her story drew national attention, Marshae Jones, the Alabama woman who faced criminal charges after a shooting caused her to miscarry, will not be prosecuted, the Alabama district attorney announced Wednesday.

“After viewing the facts of this case and the applicable state law I have determined that it is not in the best interest of justice to pursue prosecution of Ms. Jones on the manslaughter charge for which she was indicted by the grand jury,” Jefferson County District Attorney Lynneice Washington said at a press conference. “Therefore, I am dismissing this case and no …

Why Stranger Things is perfect for product promo

If, for whatever reason, you wanted everything you wore, touched, and ate to bear some relation to Stranger Things, this would not be impossible for you.

In advance of the show’s third season, Levi’s announced a capsule collection designed in collaboration with the series’ costume designers, with a lookbook shot on set. H&M partnered with Netflix to create a line of t-shirts, shorts, and swimwear inspired by the fictional Hawkins Community Pool (some of which will be worn by characters on-screen in season three). Nike made Hawkins High School limited editions of three of its most popular sneakers.…

Violent protests erupt in Israel over police shooting of unarmed Ethiopian teen

Israel is currently being consumed by violent protests over the killing of an unarmed Ethiopian Israeli teen, leading to turned-over cars, burning tires, and even a few injuries.

An off-duty police officer killed 19-year-old Solomon Tekah on Sunday after the bullet he shot at the ground bounced up and mortally wounded the teenager. While the cop may be charged with negligent homicide, it’s clearly not enough for the aggrieved Ethiopian community of the Jewish state.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets to express their anger. Demonstrators shut down 12 major junctions across the country, including in the large city …

Spider-Man: Far From Home’s 2 end-credits scenes set up Marvel’s future

Post-credits scenes have long been a Marvel movie tradition, to give fans an extra little shot of excitement, tease out future movies or throw in a cameo of, say, an esoteric comic book character.

That seemed to come to a startling end with April’s Avengers: Endgame, which didn’t have any additional post-credits scenes. This move allowed the events of that movie to stand on their own and let the audience focus said moments instead of hyping up the next big thing. That has since changed with June 28’s re-release of the film, which adds unfinished, deleted …

The 5 best TV shows of June 2019

June 2019 was a huge month for new TV debuts and returning TV favorites. I normally try to whittle these monthly lists down to a handful of shows worth commenting on, but in June, that was harder than ever, with so much to choose from.

Though not all of the month’s spoils measured up, there was still plenty to like, including a wildly enjoyable “horror” comedy, a hardboiled crime drama, and even a sketch comedy series that I — a notorious non-fan of sketch comedy — liked more than I didn’t. Summer TV is going great guns, but these are …

Big Little Lies season 2, episode 4, recap: “She Knows” puts Meryl Streep on offense

So far, one of the great things about Big Little Lies second season is how Meryl Streep’s character, Mary Louise, plows through the intricate web of shared secrets and lies around her.

The fourth episode, “She Knows,” makes it clear that she’s opposed to the Monterey Five for reasons beyond just generation gaps, fashion sense, and a distressing willingness to gaslight rape victims; she’s quite gleefully setting herself up as their No. 1 enemy, and it’s kind of wonderful to watch.

But she’s not the only too-prescient mother in this situation. Bonnie’s mom, Elizabeth (Crystal Fox), is also taking …

Kamala Harris ties Warren for third place in post-debate poll

Sen. Kamala Harris had a few memorable moments during Thursday’s Democratic primary debate, from ending a shouting match with a quip to challenging Joe Biden on his record on busing. According to a new poll from Morning Consult, those moments seem to have had a highly positive impact on her candidacy — following the debate, she now places third among likely voters.

Harris now polls at 12 percent, up 6 points from the previous week. This puts her in third place alongside Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who also polled at 12 percent, a one percent dip compared the previous …