The main downside of trifocal and bifocal lenses is their distinct line between every field of vision. It makes the lens section produce significantly different vision. While many people can get used to it without having any issue, it is the shortcoming that paved way to the creation of more advanced lenses like progressives.

Other Types of Non-Prescription Glasses 

Non-prescription glasses serve various functions that include safety, preventive eye care, and fashion.

Blue Light Blocking or Digital Protection Eyeglasses

Blue light eyeglasses or also known as computer eyeglasses have been enjoying a massive popularity these days, particularly among the younger generation. Many adults spend long hours a day using their smartphones, tablets, and computers. These eyeglasses help prevent the strain that these digital devices can cause on the eyes and support better sleep schedule at the same time.

How to pick the best blue light glasses. Eye doctor explains anti blue light glasses.

Fake or Non-Prescription Eyeglasses

The past few years also saw a higher demand for non-prescription or fake glasses. These are simply fashion accessories although they can also act as safety eyeglasses during low-risk situations.

Reading Eyeglasses

You can get reading eyeglasses via prescription or over the counter. These can help improve a person’s ability to see things right up close, particularly when reading phone and laptop screens, books, and newspapers. 

Reading glasses
Reading glasses for sharp vision

The OTC reading glasses can work well for those who have good distance vision and the same vision in both eyes. These are available in strengths ranging from +1.0 up to +4.0.

If your reading glasses make you suffer from headaches, double vision, or digital eye strain, it is best to undergo an eye exam to know if you will be better off with prescription eyeglasses.

Safety Eyeglasses

There are many professions where safety eyeglasses are used such as in science labs, construction, auto repair, plumbing, electrical work, and more. These are available at cheap prices to offer basic protection. You can use goggles if you also need vision correction. You can fit these over your regular eyeglasses or you can opt for prescription safety eyeglasses. These can be fitted with similar treatments and lenses as the regular frames


Sunglasses can be purchased without or with prescription. These can feature UV protection treatment or polarized lenses.

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