There is one ironclad rule when it comes to NBA analysis: it is never too soon to overreact. There is no sample size too small and no take too hot. I listened to a podcast last week weighing the MVP candidacy of New York Knickerbocker legend Julius Randle—a sentence that somehow sounds even less crazy today! And in the NBA, what’s happening off the court (and in the arena tunnels) is equally deserving of our attention. We crunched the numbers and looked at the advanced statistics to examine the early season returns on NBA style.

Jordan Clarkson of the Utah Jazz arrives for a game against the Spurs in San Antonio, January 3, 2021.Logan Riely / Getty Images
Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics arrives for a game against the Brooklyn Nets in Boston, December 25, 2020.Brian Babineau / Getty Images

NBA Players Are in Their Bags

Over the past couple of years, NBA players have turned simply carrying stuff into a bonafide trend. First, hoopers carried their little dopp kits into the arena. Next, they started brandishing their work shoes for the

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