We’re decidedly not digital Fashion Week haters over at GQ, but many of the video presentations have been a little…tasteful. You know: the camera caressing a beige knit while a totally intense part of a Bach partita plays… Some guy talking about pinch pots and craftsmanship… It’s all very beautiful, but it gets a little stale.

So imagine my excitement when Collina Strada, creators of downtown environmentalist-club-kid clothes, headed by Hillary Taymour, released a video for New York Fashion Week designed to disturb. Finally! A brand made a fashion video that feels like a ketamine trip on a farm! It was chaotic, pretty psycho, and rivals Hermès (I know!) for the most atmospheric video of this strange fashion season so far.

Courtesy of Charlie Engman for Collina Strada
Courtesy of Charlie Engman for Collina Strada

“Change Is Cute,” as it was called, was a Mad Hatter blend of real and CGI, a raucous romp through an imagined farm world where models walked between upright cows twirling and geese waddling as a doll-like CGI creature led the way. The soundtrack was a song about taking global warming seriously, with a charmingly annoying refrain—“I wear Collina Stra-a-a-da!”—done in electronica and pop-punk variations. As for the clothes: The baggy pants and the sexy-dorky tops all your favorite indie brands are doing right now, covered in tripped-out Memphis waves or

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