Do you want to live in, or own a property in a country with the world’s best climate? If so, then you need to look to Gran Canaria for real estate Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to be specific. Las Palmas is the capital city of Gran Canaria more popularly known as Spain’s Canary Islands. The city of Las Palmas is a popular tourist destination in the Canary Islands, surrounded by four popular beaches. The Canary Islands have a mild desert climate with actually cooler temperatures with an annual average of 21 degrees Celsius.

Those who know some Spanish and are looking for an exotic retirement or vacation real estate Las Palmas ( is an ideal candidate. Las Palmas is a popular tourist getaway along with the city of Tenerife, Gran Canaria. The real estate market is quite lively despite Gran Canaria’s island nature. Even if the purpose is not residential, owning real estate Las Palmas or Tenerife is a sound investment given that tourism accounts for 35% of the island economy. The huge drop in tourism due to the world’s current situation has resulted in lower property prices that those with a keen eye can take advantage of. The world’s current crisis will eventually end and a resurgence in tourism is certain.

When it comes to prices of real estate Las Palmas prices are relatively affordable averaging 1,500 euros per square meter depending on type of residence and location. The closer to any of the beaches, the prices go up. Beachfront properties can go as high as 5,000 euros per square meter and the price drops as the location goes up to the city center. As of now, the real estate market has re-opened and prices have dropped slightly due to current economic conditions. There are currently plenty of attractive properties on sale from 1 bedroom apartments to 3 bedroom beachfront homes.

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