The main benefit of having a corporate gifting strategy is that you will surprise and delight your clients and show them that you truly value and appreciate the relationship you have built. Overall, your clients will be happier, and you will be held in higher regard (due to a relationship strengthened by this simple activity).

When it comes to giving corporate gifts to employees, you can raise morale, happiness levels and boost work ethic. As a result, you’ll show appreciation for a job well done. You can also decide to give special recognition to the best performing employees and encourage friendly competition with a corporate gift-based incentive program.

Corporate gifts

How to organize corporate gifts

Not sure where to start? Here are three things you should consider when it comes time to plan your corporate gifting strategy.


The time when companies usually give gifts is during the holiday and year-end holidays. This can be a pitfall for your gift strategy because it can become “expected” if you offer customers and employees a gift at the same time every year.
Why Corporate Gifting is Important for your Brand

If you want to differentiate, surprise and delight, and make an impact, think about other casual times when you can give corporate gifts. You can also choose to send a series of gifts, that you can buy at Habeco Gifts, throughout the year to show even more appreciation. An easy way to determine the timing is to think about the customer and why you’re giving them a gift (ex: giving a gift to thank them for their purchase or to the employee for achieving a goal).

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