Jay Inslee’s CNN town hall showed he wants to lead on climate. Voters have other priorities too.

Jay Inslee is running for president, he says, to do something about climate change, and his campaign has focused on the issue. His CNN town hall in Washington, DC, on Wednesday night showed that voters seem to like the focus — but also have other priorities they’d like addressed.

Inslee, the second-term governor of Washington, began the town hall by saying that global warming would be his top priority as president. “I will make this pledge right now: If I am elected to this high honor, I will make defeating climate change the number one priority of the United States,” …

Israeli democracy is rotting from the inside

Israel’s 2019 election results are in, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is all but certain to stay in office for a record fifth term. The consequences of his victory for both Israelis and Palestinians could very well be catastrophic.

The past several years of Netanyahu’s time in office have been characterized by drift in two illiberal, anti-democratic directions.

The prime minister has tried to buy off the independent media, further marginalized Israel’s Arab minority, and gone after civil society groups critical of his policies. Some of this behavior was, according to Israel’s attorney general, actively criminal; Netanyahu is likely to …

Kirsten Gillibrand used to have moderate positions on immigration and guns. Voters want to know why she’s changed.

During a Tuesday night CNN town hall, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) tried to tackle her biggest campaign problem — name recognition.

Gillibrand, who is running as a resistance candidate, is trailing far behind the frontrunners in national polls of the 2020 Democratic field. She took direct aim at President Donald Trump on Tuesday, even calling him “weak and a coward.”

But voters wanted Gillibrand to talk more about her own record. The senator from New York spent a lot of time saying she was wrong for taking moderate-to-conservative stances on issues like guns and immigration earlier in her political career, …

American layoffs and firings are at a 20-year low

About 30,000 Toys R Us employees got pink slips last year. Media companies fired more than 2,400 workers in the past three months. And Elon Musk is planning to let go of 3,000 employees at Tesla.

Though mass layoffs always make headlines, they actually say very little about the US economy. Even recent stock market volatility and slowing economic growth don’t tell the entire story.

The surprising truth is, jobs are incredibly secure. Workers are less likely to get laid off today than at nearly any other time in modern US history.

In 2018, US businesses laid off 21.9 million …

Vox Sentences: “Always under audit”

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Democrats may take President Trump to court over his tax returns; the US pulls troops from Libya as the country edges to the brink of civil war.

The legal battle for Trump’s tax returns

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images
  • The fight over releasing President Trump’s tax returns will likely end up in court. The chair of the House Ways and Means Committee formally asked the

The unsuccessful history of product placement in books, from Bulgari to Sweet’N Low

For much of the past decade, the characters of The CW’s nighttime soap operas, supernatural and otherwise, have been forced into an unusual predicament: They are all forced to use Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. Moreover, they are forced to use the word “Bing” as a verb.

On The CW, Bing is the solution to all life’s problems. Stepmom got fake cancer from her ex-husband? Bing it. Searching for your niece’s secret birth mother? You Bing that shit. You’re a frazzled Upper East Side fashion designer/mother trying to track down a last-minute venue for a society wedding? Two words …

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigns as Trump rage continues

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen submitted her resignation to President Donald Trump Sunday night, in an unexpected move that appears related to the president’s ongoing rage over the number of Central American families and asylum seekers coming into the United States.

Kevin McAleenan, the head of Customs and Border Protection, will serve as acting DHS secretary. It’s not yet clear whether Trump will formally nominate a successor to Nielsen in the near future.

Nielsen, the sixth head of the Department of Homeland Security and Trump’s second appointee (she was confirmed in December 2017 after John Kelly left to become White …

You’re the Worst’s finale was the perfect — and perfectly ambitious — sitcom ending

Every week, we pick a new episode of the week. It could be good. It could be bad. It will always be interesting. You can read the archives here. The episode of the week for March 31 through April 6 is “Pancakes,” the series finale of FXX’s You’re the Worst.

The romantic comedy is always trying to run out the clock, at least on some level. The lovers meet and fall for each other. They kiss. They fall apart. Maybe they find their way back to each other by the end. It’s a time-worn, time-honored formula, one that …

Barack Obama warns against a “circular firing squad” over ideological purity in politics

Former president Barack Obama touched on growing divisions within his own party, warning against pushes for ideological purity that can result in a “circular firing squad” in a town hall organized by The Obama Foundation in Berlin on Saturday.

While taking audience questions about the frustration that comes with lack of change, Obama expressed concern about a lack of compromise in Washington, and said he specifically worries progressive politicians could be alienating potential allies.

“One of the things I do worry about sometimes among progressives in the United States — maybe it’s true here as well — is a certain …

A pro-gun activist lobbied for “constitutional carry” by showing up at Texas lawmakers’ homes. Now the bill is DOA.

A Texas bill allowing gun owners to carry concealed firearms without a permit is now indefinitely stalled after a pro-gun activist advocated for the legislation by stalking state lawmakers — even appearing at their homes.

On Friday, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen announced plans to abandon the “constitutional carry” bill after the activist, Chris McNutt, showed up at his doorstep and at the homes of two other lawmakers.

McNutt, executive director of the nonprofit Texas Gun Rights, was reportedly outraged the bill failed to advance quickly through the legislature. He posted a series of rants to his group’s Facebook page …